Dad Takes 3-Year-Old Race Car Driving -- WHOA!! (VIDEO)

3-year-old racing

Dude. Have you ever had the chance to do "hot laps" in a car on a closed course? Um, I have. And it's one of the coolest yet most odd and slightly terrifying experiences -- because you literally can't think, speak, or breathe while the car is spinning around.

But me describing it to you really doesn't do the sensation justice, which is why you have to see this video of a 3-year-old's reaction to racing with his dad around the track.

Check it out.


Yep. That's it. That's exactly how it feels. Is this kid a riot or what?!?

He definitely has all the makings of a future daredevil -- because most little kids probably would've had the crap scared out of them once they went around the first turn. Considering I almost threw up and screamed a little at the age of 36, it's pretty impressive to see a 3-year-old laugh and smile with delight throughout the entire ride.

What a little trooper.

Would you let your kid go racing like this?


Image via Toxa Avdeev/YouTube

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