I Hang Around the House Naked ... With My 2-Year-Old Daughter

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I walk around the house naked and let my 2-year-old daughter follow me into the bathroom when I pee. I don't want her raised like me, to think that being seen as you were born is something shameful.

It's my personal statement against puritanism, societally imposed self-hatred, and doing laundry. Studies have shown that children reared by nudists -- and they definitely are reared -- grow up better adjusted.

OK, so maybe I don't do much laundry.

I guess I'm not a card-carrying nudist, though, because I think that doing this forever is probably a little pervy. (By the way, where do nudists carry that card?) I'll probably stop by the time Skylar's in kindergarten and many of her core self-concepts are formed. Or by the time we finally splurge for a new living-room couch.

As with most ideals I put into practice, of course, my other half hates this. She says that watching someone pee while standing up will confuse our daughter and that penis envy will result. (My usual response: "What, from this?")

But, the truth is, our daughter pointed exactly once, asking what that was. I told her and we moved on, no big deal. Since then, she stares at it with the same infrequency and nonchalance as she does my right thumb.

At the time, though, she did ask why she didn't have one. And I explained that one day she will get to own and control one -- which is where the power really is.

So how acceptable, or disturbed, do you think this is?

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nonmember avatar Chrissy

Hysterical. And a perfectly healthy outlook on nudity and body image. I have an 18 month old daughter who sees my husband and I naked (separately, mind you. We aren't trying to really damage the kid here) pretty often, coming and going from shower and such. My daughter also still rinses I the shower with her dad. He holds er for the shower, then passes her off to me and showers himself. She is a daddy's girl and much prefers he do this than I. She has recently noticed dads got some different business and points to it while mumbling. I'm pretty sure she is tryif to say "dad you should probably have your vagina checked out.." We have explained what it is, and don't want to make a huge deal of it but we also won't stop our normal routines for fear she may see a body part she doesn't have.

Jessica Palmer

Sorry ment to put what about when your daughter tells people she sees your penis? Like a teacher or other people. I personally think you're asking for trouble.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

My 3 and 1 year old sons see me and my husband naked. They come to the bathroom with me when I go. My oldest has asked about body parts and differences, and we've explained that girls and boys have different parts. He accepted it and that was that. While I believe that when they get a little order, this will stop, I also want them to have a healthy appreciation about bodies. They need to learn that clothing is there for a reason, but I also want them to know that bodies are natural and not to be ashamed of them.

Einyn Einyn

@spapillion, way to overreact much? My kids have a dog and see that dog all of the time; they still have a healthy fear of stranger dogs though. Because they're strangers. Get real.

nonmember avatar blue

I never saw my parents naked and it did not teach that my body is shameful. You don't have to be naked all the time to teach your child, that their body is just fine the way it is.

Coles... Coles_mom

I do agree with not being ashamed of your body or teaching your kids to be ashamed, but due to some situations in my life, this is not okay for my kids. I would never allow a male to be naked around them - even their father. I'm sorry, but I have a family member serving 190 years in prison for something that started off just as innocent. I'm not suggested you're a bad person! Please don't take it like that...it's just I'm pretty scarred and it makes me literally ill to think of a man pracing around naked in front of children. 

adamat34 adamat34

Ok I understand the occasional glance to as from shower or when kids just barge in when your using the bathroom but why would you just be buck naked ??? It's not shameful to teach modesty nor is it shameful to make sure kids know what is and isn't appropriate. Let's see the blog when the kid goes to school and takes her clothes off or tells the teacher daddy is naked around me all day long....that will be a good read

nonmember avatar mel

My husband still showers with our daughter and so do I she's 4. She asked him once about it we told her and that was that. He does tend to face away from her in the shower though. I See Nothing Wrong With it, it is not sexual in any form.

abra819 abra819

um..no. My husband would not walk around naked all day letting his dong hang out. We do get dressed in front of him and that's about it.

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