What Your Family Size Says About You


Families come in all shapes in sizes. Right now, I only have one child, but I'd eventually love more. One more? Two more? I'm not sure! I think the number of kids parents have coincides with both the types of people they are, as well as what they've got going on in their lives. IE, if both mom and dad suddenly were fired from their jobs, they may hold off on having that third kid. So, come talk to me in a few years, and I'll let you know where I'm at ;)

Anyway! I thought it would be fun to make a list of the number of children certain families have, and what it means about them. Note: This list is meant for entertainment purposes only. (Sort of.)

Here's what the number of children you have says about you.


1. Families with one child. Mom and Dad fancy themselves intellectuals. They've thought long and hard about the decision to have a child, and likely had one a little bit later on in life. They take child-rearing extremely serious, and believe in treating their child as their equal. Their baby likely has more stamps in his passport than you. And he's always a delight on the plane.

2. Families with two children. Mom and Dad like order; they're practical; they've thought about the fact that if they take their kids to an amusement park, each child will have an adult to sit with on the rollercoater. Having another one would throw the neat and tidy dynamic they've worked hard to create completely off. The bouncers and high chairs were given away as soon as the youngest grew out of them. They go to water parks in the summer, and indoor play gyms in the winter.

3. Families with three children. Mom and Dad are more open, go-with-it kind of folk. They might have not necessarily planned on having a third, but they just did such a good job with their first two that they said, "What the hell!" Parents with three kids enjoy a bit of chaos and aren't sticklers for tidiness or rules. Mom has had the same 3 crushed Cheerios at the bottom of her purse for 5 years now.

4. Families with four children. Mom or Dad, or both, likely came from a big family. They're used to taking care of kids and always having a lot of people around. Ever since they were little, they planned on having a larger family. They realize that four is no easy task, but they know they've got this. Their last date night was in the late 90s/early 2000s. And they slept through it.

5. Families with five or more children. Mom and Dad are likely insane. Mentally insane. And very fertile. Possibly religious. Neither the mother nor the father of the family has likely had a full night's sleep in over 10 years, and they're at the point where it's hard for them to think if "Wheels on the Bus" is not playing in the background, and they find it difficult to sleep if the foot of a small child isn't lodged in their throat. But they love their life and wouldn't change it for the world.

How many kids do you have?


Image via Isaac Lane Koval/Corbis

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