Twisted Parents Film Their Kids Being Attacked By Cats (VIDEO)

Yeah, yeah, they're cute and cuddly and considered absolute geniuses in the animal kingdom, I know. But cats are crazy. They're worse than crazy. They're secretly plotting your demise as I write this -- and you're the one who feeds and loves them and expects nothing in return (which is a good thing, because all you get in return is indifference). Don't believe me? You don't have to -- take these videos of parents filming their children basically being mauled and humiliated by their family feline as proof of my accusations.

Unbeknownst to me, there are a whole lot of moms and dads who find it absolutely hilarious to watch and record their toddlers and young kids as they torment kitty and get what they deserve in return (because, let's face it, you can call cats a host of names, and I do, but they sure aren't pushovers). In other clips, young children are minding their own business, toddling along, and suddenly have to experience the wrath of Angry Big Cat. 

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This is weird and wrong. Your cat, no matter how closely you tend to his claws, still HAS CLAWS that can, you know, CLAW your baby's face off -- or at least cause a scratch that can become infected. In cases where children are being totally annoying to their pet, I would hope mom and dad would, instead of keeping the camera rolling, think first to stop these actions and dish out a solid lecture on why the family cat deserves respect -- oh, and how he isn't going to take crap from a child and will get revenge if child doesn't stop tormenting him. 

I don't hide the fact that I gave my cat away to a very loving family member when my toddler was a baby. Maybe if I didn't have a child, I'd find these videos funnier. But having witnessed my really mean cat hiss at my daughter, stalk her crib, and try to scratch her -- yeah, not so funny.

I know some cats are perfectly sweet. If you have one, I'm sure yours is great and the ideal companion for your child. But I can't imagine sitting by and enjoying watching my child be attacked by a homicidal, mad genius animal that is almost as big as her. 

Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think:

Do you think this is funny or an example of irresponsible parenting?


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adamat34 adamat34

Way to blow something out of proportion stir ......really?

nonmember avatar kaelee

obviously the toddler isn't being hurt. that's laughter not crying

ThisL... ThisLife16309

wow the kid was laughing did u see crying it did not look at all like a vicious attack

nonmember avatar Kristi

You are kidding...right?

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Cats aren't bad, people are. If you raise your kids to torment animals, what do you expect? I just don't understand idiots these days. 

Jacee... Jacee2348

Um, cats can be declawed ~ this cat was obviously playing with the kid.  I'm going to guess that had the cat ever hurt the boy, he would be afraid of it, or the parents would have found another home for it. 

abra819 abra819

2babymama, i'm sure the feeling's mutual.

Rando... Randomlady

As someone who was actually attacked by a cat I can tell you that it won't usually swipe and run like that, it is playing like a kitten. When a cat attacks it latches its teeth and claws into you and kicks you with it's back legs in an attempt to tear you apart. I'm sure everyone's seen a cat fight before. This author I swear...I only watched the video because I thought it was honest to goodness bad parenting but sheesh.

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