Kourtney Kardashian Tells Passengers Off When They Parent Her Kids on Plane

kourtney kardashianOne of my favorite things to do with my children is to pack them onto an airplane and attempt to keep them captive in their seats. Talk about stressful! Kids are ... kids. They like to play, run about, make messes, be loud, act like ... children. Sweet, beautiful, full of life children. So traveling with the family by plane can be quite an event with the stress level exacerbated by fellow travelers who are less than kind. Kourtney Kardashian, however, isn't the kind of mom to sit quietly and let other passengers essentially insult her parenting and make her children feel bad.

When Kourtney, Scott, Penelope, and Mason were traveling back from Mexico, other passengers on the plane complained that her kids were being too noisy. Penelope will be 2 in July. Mason is 4. These strangers went as far as to tell the kids to cover their mouths. They said those exact words. That's bold. So Kourtney did what any Mama bear would do and fired back.

"Cover YOUR mouth" is what she was reported to have said. And she made this statement on Twitter because ... she's a Kardashian. I certainly don't know the tactics Kourtney uses to try to get her kids to be calm and settle down, but I firmly believe those are her choices to make as a parent. Not mine. Not anyone else's. Unless of course she is doing her children harm, but she's not so that's a non-issue. No person should try to parent another person's child without their permission.

If another person was being loud on a plane or anywhere, would it be acceptable to tell that person to cover their mouth? Absolutely not. It's rude. Kids are people, too. They deserve the same respect. Instead of telling a child to shut up, why not instead engage that kid in conversation. You know, help the situation instead of making it more tense. By doing so, you may help the kid relax, settle down, or feel happy that someone new is talking to them. It gives them something to do when stuck on a plane for however many hours. And it gives mom and dad a minute to realize not everyone on the plane is against them because they brought two small kids on board. Because it does feel like that when traveling. It's like your face reads, "I'm sorry for being that parent who travels with kids" the minute you step on the plane.

Helping the parents to be less tense and worried about everyone else's comfort helps kids, too. They sense when their parents are stressed out. Being kind is always better than being mean. That goes for kids, parents, and fellow passengers. 

What do you think of how Kourtney reacted? What would you have done?


Image via Kourtney Kardash/Instagram

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nonmember avatar veebee

maybe the kids were coughing and someone REMINDED them to cover their mouth? I would have and I don't care how much mama bear roars up... I will leave it to mom to correct (or not) behavior, remind them of manners, etc., but when it comes to coughing, if you don't remind them, I will.

nonmember avatar don

"I certainly don't know the tactics Kourtney uses to try to get her kids to be calm and settle down" Maybe she wasn't using any tactics at all, and that is why people felt compelled to speak out. "If another person was being loud on a plane or anywhere would it be acceptable to tell that person to cover their mouth? Absolutely not. It's rude" Absolutely yes, the rudeness comes from the loud person, not from the person pointing out that rudeness

AliPa... AliParker

It's painful to know that anything she did say was out of the mouth of a 30 something year old who still speaks as though she is 15. I hate the way those grown women talk. She was probably letting her kids act out of control because these people are so selfish and self involved. I doubt if it was normal noise.

Jai Hutto

Ok, I'm sure the REAL story isn't being told here. Mason probably coughed in someones face. And yeah, if it had been me I would have said something. It's fine if the kids want to be free in open spaces, in tha situation I don't care. But when you're on a plane, which is small and awkward to begin with...EVERYONE (not just kids) need to taught to be respectful of other poeple. Mason is old enough to know right from wrong...but he won't know unless he's TAUGHT by a parent.

starl... starlight1968

sorry I have traveled as a child (from 6m to adulthood)and with a child and always well behaved.  I had plenty to do, gave my children plenty to do...keep them distracted, fed and whatever it takes...it's too small a space to have any grief...

now with her, I have NO idea...I wasn't there and from what I have seen of this couple they are to self absorbed...poor kids

nonmember avatar Elena

That was first class flight, not economy! Rich ppl are spoiled

nonmember avatar Lamara

I think if you don't know the child unless they are in serious danger don't talk to them tell a flight attendant or tell their parents it's not for you to tell someone else's kid anything! It's too many sick people running around and honestly I would of yelled at the person for even talking to my child! I don't know these people personally everyone thinks they are about theme selves but who cares it doesn't give anyone a right to talk to their kids! If they were into themselves wouldn't they just get a private plane and be by theme selves? I mean they are working people too if you haven't noticed clothing lines and tv shows and things like that don't come out of nowhere just because they make more then most people for doing a different career then most of us choose doesn't give us a right to be so judgemental! Let these people be!!

Michele Paventi

If someone tells some kids to shut up.
First look at yourself you where small and you where no little angel either where you.
Kids are kids I run around 4 kids and they do what they do best make and be quieter.noise.
approach gently and talk with them or play a game with then and they will slow down an fall asleep.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

If someone else needs to parent your kid it's because you're not doing it. She should mom up instead of screwing around in twitter.

N_mar... N_maricle

Maybe she was just letting them run wild. Think of that?

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