'Cosleeping Blanket' Shows What It's Like to Share a Bed With a Toddler (PHOTO)

mom side dad side toddler middle

For all the parents out there who share their bed with their toddler, I have a comforter for you. It's the His Side, Her Side, TODDLER MIDDLE blanket (with matching pillows!). And if there ever was a bed set to tell it like it is, this is it.

Now every time you walk into your bedroom, Moms and Dads, you're reminded of who's really boss in the middle of the night. (Hint: It's your 2-year-old and his flailing arms and bicycling legs.)

Any parent who cosleeps with their toddler -- you feel this blanket, don't you? Mom gets a little space in the bed; Dad likely gets even less; and little Sally or Timmy gets the rest, and yet, somehow, even that doesn't seem to be enough for them. In fact, if I were going to redesign this blanket, I might put Dad's pillow on the floor; Mom's section in the upper right corner, measuring in at about a foot of space; and the rest reserved for toddler.

Respect to all the parents out there who bed-share with their wiggly toddlers. It's not for the faint of heart -- especially if you're buying this blanket in a full-size instead of a king. Yikes!

Do you cosleep with your toddler?


toddler sleep


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kenle... kenleymom

I co sleep with my 9yr.....plus 2 cat's. She has been in my bed since birth. Full size bed= toddler bed. King size blanket = baby blanket. Yes she has her own bed. She comes to mine in the middle of the night. But I'm also a single mom. So there is no one else in my bed.

Reah Idris

where can i purchase this?

nonmember avatar Zahir

Yes please let us know were we can get this. I would love to buy one for my wife n i and a friend.

Summe... SummerBlevens

Yes pleaseeeeeeee tell me where I can purchase this!!!! I cannot find it anywhere online!!!

nonmember avatar Kycarreras

cafepress.com has them

nonmember avatar Mari

I just looked & they don't have the bedding......:(

nonmember avatar kathi

Please tell me where I can get this. I love it! Cafepress.com doesn't have it.

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