Your Toddler's Tantrums Are All Your Husband's Fault (Science Says So!)

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Have you ever found yourself feeling defeated, frustrated, and at your wits' end when your toddler is in the midst of an epic temper tantrum? What am I saying? Of course you've been there. We all have. But I have some good news for you -- you're not doing anything wrong even though your little one is screaming at the top of his lungs.

According to researchers at the University of Montreal, toddler tantrums are a result of genetics ... not poor parenting. (Winning.) Yep. And that would explain why some parents wind up with one kid who throws fits and another who is much more calm.

Sure, environmental factors play a part too -- but researchers indicated that a child's genetic make-up played a "substantial" part in their level of physical aggression.

So apparently as far as the nature vs. nurture debate goes -- nature tends to win out here.

And you know what that means. Duh -- the next time your toddler throws a fit, you can go ahead and blame it on your husband and his crappy genes.

I mean, there's no way your side of the family is to blame for your little one acting like a pint-sized asshole, right? Any sort of aggression has to come from his gene pool, so you can rest assured that even though your kid is freaking out, you're doing all the right things to give him the best possible start in life.

Ok, so I'm only half kidding. But seriously, isn't this sort of a huge relief -- even if your genes are the reason why your kid is kind of on the aggressive side? In that case, the tantrum is still (indirectly) your fault -- but it's not like you really have any control over it. That kid was born with a strong set of pipes he can't seem to keep under wraps, so you might as well just kick back, relax, and enjoy the tantrum -- and hope that any future offspring wind up with the good, calm genes instead of the angry ones.

Have you found a way to control your toddler's temper tantrums?


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nonmember avatar kelly

my youngest is 22 months and he'll throw a fit. it last about a minute or less right now. hIs dad wIll look at him and say, " are you done?" and I swear he stops and thinks, " ,am I done?" lol

-free... -freedom-

I always ask what his problem is. And normally he has no answer and sits and pours for a bit but the screaming subsides.

laceyr20 laceyr20

My daughter throws her fits. But I haven't quite figured out what to do yet. She stops after awhile lol.

Laura Palmer

Unless we are in public, and he isn't harming himself or others I pretend not to notice... if no one is watching what's the point (in his mind anyways!).

Rachel Dixon-Makrucki

Even if your child is more prone to epic tantrums its our jobs as parents to help them learn how to effectively deal with their emotions. It doesn't really make one lick of difference why the tantrums happen you still have a responsibilty to your child. Does it make some people feel better sure, but its also makes some people believe that they don't have to do anything about it because it nature.

Charl... Charliesmama7

My 21 month old will throw fits when he's really tired or he has been out shopping for too long. When it's because i didn't give him what he wanted, I usually get really close to him and say calmly "you wanna go in time out?" And usually he will stop. If he doesn't, I pick him right up and stick him in time out for a min.

nonmember avatar mom

Wow...who refers to their toddlers as pint-sized assholes.?

nonmember avatar mom2

I have....

Samal... Samalama319

The mall near my mom's house has a little play area for kids that my niece just LOVES to go to. We played for a bit, got lunch, did some shopping, and when it was time to leave we walked past the play area to go back to the car. She was so mad that we wouldn't let her go in. My sister tried to take her hand and guide her away and she literally threw herself on the floor crying. It was so crazy. I definitely was not expecting temper tantrums to come so early, but I guess she's becoming more independant and wants to do her own thing and doesn't appreciate being told no. She's 16 months old. My sister just picked her up and carried her out to the car.

nonmember avatar mom3

So here's another excuse to cover for crappy parenting and lack of knowledge of child psychology...

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