My Toddler's Preschool Report Card Can't Even Spell Trouble (PHOTO)

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My two-year-old daughter knows 10 letters of the alphabet and may be outpacing her own teachers in that regard. At left is a scan of the top portion of the progress report my wife and I received from our daughter's preschool last month, I poop you not. It indicates that she received a thorough introduction to "famouse artist and there paintings."

Who says kids these days aren't getting any culture? Mine is apparently learning all about Van Go, Monay and Dolly. Maybe one day she will become a famouse painter herself. Or work in a paint store.

We had Skylar in a better preschool while I was working. But since I got laid off, this was the only one we could afford that was close, looked nice and wasn't in a bowling alley.

And it's not like she's learning grammar from this person. She's attending preschool basically so she can socialize with other kids (she's an only child) and so I can tell my wife that I've been looking for a fulltime job all day even though I've been on Facebook.

But wait. This endlessly entertaining slip of paper isn't even done revealing all its surprises, because it also tells us that our daughter learned about "ars." All I can say is that I sincerely hope the word the teacher misspelled this time was not "arse," because my daughter reportedly learns about it every day, and it was her favorite theme last month.

But I'm not being fair, at least not according to today's congratulatory educational culture. Out of the 11 words this person wrote, only four were misspelled (including my daughter's first name). In other words, seven were entirely correct! That's nearly 64 percent, which should be vigorously applauded, because everyone is amazing in their own unique way and, anyway, it's not results that matter, but how hard we all appear to try.

What terrifies you the most about your toddler's preschool?

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Roxygurl Roxygurl

I've run into that as well. It's amusing and disheartening to receive a note from the person being paid to teach your child filled with obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Gods, I know the feeling! Our monthly newsletters from the preschool are much the same. And it makes me NUTS. I'm a trained copywriter with a degree in print journalism, so it grates more than usual. However, since she seems to be learning to write her name and coming home with interesting tidbits of knowledge (the child knows how many sides are on a hexagon. WOOT!), I'm not as concerned as I might be. I'm still looking at a private or charter elementary school, though.

Rosas... RosasMummy

In the ukevery single teacher has to take a professional skills test which tests mental arithmetic and other basic maths skills as well as grammar spelling punctuation and comprehension abilities and you have to pass those tests before you even start teacher training c

autod... autodidact

and people ask "why homeschool"?

k8edid k8edid

I've been saying this since I was in college myself - they need to have a "proper writing" class that's a required credit for every student. I was on the student paper and you wouldn't believe the things that got handed in to us from people on Student Government. Yikes.

amazz... amazzonia

the teacher should learn how to write before giving out a report card for a preschooler EYE ROLL

Sarah Sydenstricker

Did a teacher's aide never cross your mind????? There are a lot of student aides and that could be one explanation.....but I guess you got your panties in a bunch to fast to even consider that didn't you?

Railr... RailroadGirl

Oh no he forgot a t in arts let's hang him from nearest tree. You are pathetic if you are think this is a big deal. He is learning art husttiry which is something you might benefit from. Van Go seriously? How about Van Gogh. At least he isn't in front of a t.v. or playing video games.

amyn6681 amyn6681

@auto yeah, that's why I homeschool. Enough of the laziness already. It's not just isolated to preschools either. At one point I was taking classes to get my degree in elementary education. One was an online class and we had to go into other classmate's discussions and reply to whatever their topic of discussion was. I was appalled at the grammar, spelling, punctuation and so on of these people who also wanted to be responsible for our children's education. I truly hope as they progressed and continued their education that they were able to learn proper form and usage. And even a teacher's aide should be able to spell and use proper grammar. Whether you have a college degree or not, it's basic English skills that are learned in elementary.

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