Stay-at-Home Dad's Post-it Notes on Parenting Are Spot On (PHOTOS)

post-it note

OMG. If you haven't yet heard about the stay-at-home-dad who leaves Post-it notes around the house in an effort to document his day-to-day life with the kiddos, you're totally missing out. This is some funny shit, people. I just don't understand why I didn't think of doing something like this myself back when my son was a toddler.

Oh, and this guy doesn't simply stop at writing out the Post-its. Nope. Chris Illuminati posts photos of them over on his Tumblr page -- and to say the notes are good for a few laughs is one very big understatement.

Check out the photos below to see some of the funniest musings from this dad's life -- which I think it's safe to say any parent will relate to 100 percent.

Oh, and in case you're curious, "permanent roommate" refers to his wife. (Very cute!)



Images via Message With a Bottle

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Todd Vrancic

We don't have any three-year-olds in the house anymore.  When a telemarketer calls, can we give the phone to our extremely yappy dog?

nonmember avatar mandy

@NoWie...chill!! why u getting all pissy over something like that. Shes not treating u like ur stupid! Maybe if u had got some this morning u wouldnt be so bitchy!

mandy... mandylynne87

@NoWie...chill out!! Don't get all pissy over that!! She ain't calling u stupid. Jeez...go get laid or something!!

MrsJa... MrsJaimet

Just gotta say I was confused on who permanent roommate was for a while so I guess she had to explain to the stupid people like me...

Railr... RailroadGirl

Those were hilarious. I wish I was creative to think of silly things to do.

choli... cholita1978

The post it about "Thomas the train & pussy (percy)" was hilarious

nonmember avatar Melissa

I get why this was supposed to be funny, but am I the only one that thinks this guy sounds a little bitter?


It took me a moment to understand who "Permament Roommate" was...I really got it when I got to the "Boob" post-it.  LOL!  I thought it was cynically and sarcastically cute.  Cracked me up.  For him to take so much time & effort to make family life funny is an act of Love to me.

MissA... MissAlly89

"Permanent Roomate" isn't cute. Why can't he just call her "wife"? Permanent roommate sounds like he isn't that happy about their marriage.

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