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Yesterday, I shared some ideas for cheap but unique babysitter holiday gifts, as well as some suggestions for tipping full-time or long-term babysitters. Today let's talk gift ideas for your child's preschool or pre-K teacher.

Of course -- as teachers and day care workers around CafeMom will tell you -- you don't need to buy them anything.

"I used to be a preschool teacher, and I loved it when the kids made stuff for me, so if you really can't afford to buy anything, that would be a good idea. I also understood if the children didn't bring me anything at all. Times are hard, and sometimes a Merry Christmas is good enough!" tiffy1985

Handwritten cards are also very appropriate. Many teachers love getting these even better than ornaments, candles, and picture frames -- gifts they've received in the multitudes. You can only squeeze so many coffee mugs in the cabinet!

So I stopped by the ♥Preschool Teacher's Lounge♥ a few other groups that were sharing gift ideas to pick the brains of actual preschool teachers. Here's what a few of them said:

  • A certificate to a teacher's store would be ideal! If that's not available, how about to a book store. Unless it's for the whole class to give -- then maybe 5.00 per student. teatyme4us
  • One of my favorites was a picture of me and my class taken during the Christmas program. Jillredroom
  • I would LOVE a gift certificate to iTunes. mackeydoodles (This is something you can actually buy with your spare change at any CoinStar machine).

Here's what another preschool teacher, gimme3kids, said:

The things I remember most: One little boy gave me a gift bag with snacks and treats and everything had a reason to be in there. For instance, "There is some popcorn because you have helped me "pop" out of my shell ..."  The mom put a lot of thought into it, and we all really appreciated it.

Another little girl gave me a box of fruit one along with a box of chocolates. The fruit was put in a shirt box with shredded green and red paper. It was simple fruit you can buy by the pound, like oranges, apples, and pears. I liked it because after all the holiday treats and junk, it was nice to clean your palate with something healthy.

Things have also been given to us as a center -- books and games, baskets of muffins and bagels to have with our coffee in the morning. One mother came in with a homemade lunch for us! She made some oriental chicken salad with a crusty bread and some brownies. The meal was not fancy, but it was the thought that was heartwarming.

Any original ideas you'd like to add to this list? Preschool teachers -- please chime in, too.

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Brand... BrandonsMom1000

My sons kindergarten class has decided to adopt a child instead of giving their teachers a gift.  All of the kids are so excited to help out a little boy or girl.lesbians

tikig... tikigoddess

We have done the group gift certificate.  We used to do a teacher's store (Holcomb's) but then realized that they don't need many teaching supplies - more craft supplies, so Michael's Craft Store and Wal Mart was much more appreciated. 

reelo reelo

My son's teachers are coffee fanatics, so I had him help me roast some coffee varieties and we packaged them and he helped make the tags and he picked out some cute mugs and a couple of biscotti cookies.

mommy... mommy2cmaj

Last year my kids gave their teachers great gifts.  I had them write "worlds greatest teacher"  with a little picture.  I copied it on to some fabric and backed stitched it and then framed it.  The teachers loved it. 

south... southernlamom

I appreciate this article as a former ECE teacher!! :) One of things I make (and sell) was inspired by my time as a teacher!! Flower pens!! I have a tutorial on how to make them as well if anyone would like that (just pm me). They're fun and a nifty, fairly inexpensive gift!!

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