Toddlers Fighting Like Old Married Couple Is Too Good to Miss (VIDEO)


toddlers fighting

Ahhhhh! Little kids are cute no matter what they are doing (for the most part), but wait until you get a load of this video of a little boy and girl arguing over, uh -- it's not actually clear what they're fighting about. But it really doesn't matter -- it's that damn entertaining.

From yelling at each other to pointing fingers to desperately try and prove their respective points to dishing out insults -- these two pint-sized fighters have all the makings of a future married couple who can't stand to be in each other's presence for one more stinkin' day.

Get ready to howl.

Don't ya love it? I've hit replay about seven or eight times on this vid already today. I can't get enough of it.

And I know it's a little hard to understand what they're saying -- but I laughed out loud right around the 50-second mark. Call me crazy, but it sounds like the little boy says something along the lines of, "You're disrespecting!" Gee. I wonder where on earth he heard a line like that?

The end of the clip is too adorable too -- when she tells him she's going to tell his mom that he needs to go home. The way he kind of pushes her along and says, "Go!" reminds me so much of a condescending adult man. He's like, "You wanna tell my mom? Then go already, honey. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."

LOL. These kids totally made my day. I think I'll go watch 'em one more time.

Do your kids ever argue like adults?


Image via omar jarwan/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Jill

Already at that age the little girl has better arguing skills. Lol not to mention she never puts her hands on him. He on the other hand, needs to be reminded that even when you argue, you must keep your hands to yourself.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I'm seriously impressed they didn't end up hitting each other.

Todd Vrancic

No, adults, when arguing, typically behave like little kids.

the3Rs the3Rs

Well, technically he was right because she changed from yes to no, LOL :) 

vex_2001 vex_2001

How is this cute?

Brittaney Woods

vex_20001, Its adorible. Now get that stick out of your bum. I'm tired of you debby downers popping on here and running off at the mouth about how "this is damaging to the child". Anything can be. YOU teach your children to deal with life and they can handle anything that is thrown there way.

nonmember avatar Lou

These kids did not develop such behavior on their own: this is learned behavior, which means they have witnessed the kind of childish, unhealthy, dysfunctional behavior they are mimicking. It's not cute and it's not funny. Unless they are taught something different, twenty years from now they will likely be acting out this scenario in real life. Who will be laughing then?

nonmember avatar Jess

Lighten up Lou, this is normal toddler behavior. I have two and a half year old twins and these two could be my kids. My daughter is quite bossy and tries to order her more laid back brother around all the time. But he won't put up with it and argues back. My children do not witness adult dysfunctional behavior in the house either. Children learn how to work out their own issues and conflicts themselves, through various means. Point is they are LEARNING. They will realize the yelling didn't accomplish anything and try another tactic in the future. In the meantime it's adorable to watch them learn! Go take a child development class, maybe you'll have more insight into the way children operate.

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