Keeping Kids From Napping in the Car: A Story in Pictures (GIFS)

toddlerParents, let's talk about bedtime. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Sure, we all love to play and laugh and cuddle with our sweet toddlers all day long, but when 8:00 strikes, it's nice to have a few hours of peace and quiet to ourselves.

So, naturally, we'll do anything to ensure that that sweet, sweet moment of the day doesn't go awry. Anything. Including doing whatever we possibly can to keep our kid up if they happen to be in the car close to bedtime and they start dozing off.

You know what I'm talking about. Here are the 11 stages parents go through when their kid starts to nod off in the car a little too close to bedtime.


When you look in the rear view mirror and see your little one's eyes getting heavy, you're like:


So, you rack your brain.


Ah! You've got it! You'll just start talking to them. About anything. The fiscal cliff; climate change; energy investment. You don't care! You just need your mouth to move and words to come out.

talking gif

But it's not working.


So, you crank up the unbearably annoying children's CD that reverberates in your head every waking moment. Get excited, kid! You're always asking to hear this!


It doesn't work.


You wonder what's worse: A cold or no sleep tonight? You decide no sleep and open the window a crack.


That doesn't work.


You begin to resign yourself to the fact that your kid is going to fall asleep and their whole night's sleep is going to be ruined and there's nothing you can do about it.


But then they wake up!

And you get home, put them in bed, and do a little happy dance, because, woo-hoo!, everything's status quo. You rock.


Have you ever gotten nervous, seeing your kid nodding off a leettle too close to bedtime?


Image via A.B./Ruediger/A.B./Corbis

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