Mom Facing Jail Time Over Burned 2-Year-Old Has Herself to Blame (VIDEO)

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Kelly Jones & Chloe

Wow. No mother is perfect, and it's pretty safe to say we all make our fair share of mistakes. And that's why we should probably give each other the benefit of the doubt when it comes to something accidentally happening resulting in harm being done to our kids.

But after hearing from a mom who is facing jail time over burns on her toddler's face -- I'm finding it pretty hard to show her much sympathy.

Supposedly Kelly Jones' mother, Marjorie, was teaching her 9-year-old son how to cook bacon, when some of the grease from the pan splashed out and burned her 2-year-old daughter Chloe on the face.

And I may have just bought her version of the story ... until I saw this video of her explaining what happened. All I can say is that actions speak louder than words. Take a look.


Really? She's attempting to defend herself while puffing away on a cigarette with her injured little girl in her lap? I hate to judge -- but I'm gonna go ahead and judge in this case. Smoking in the general vicinity of children is bad enough, but while they're sitting on top of you? That's just plain irresponsible and unacceptable. Doesn't she realize how dangerous secondhand smoke is to a little kid? Obviously not.

If you've just been accused of burning your daughter on purpose -- don't you think it might be a good idea not to have a lit cigarette right up next to her head while you're pleading your case? (I'm just sayin'.)

And another thing -- why on earth wouldn't you take your child to the hospital after suffering grease burns? Last time I checked, that's kind of a serious injury. And it's not something you want to leave untreated, that's for sure.

I'm not by any means saying she hurt her little girl, because I doubt she did. But if she's as innocent as she says, it'll be a real shame if her actions after the fact wind up sending her to jail. She might want to consider refraining from lighting up again if any more news crews show up on her doorstep.

Do you think the mom is to blame for what happened?


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nonmember avatar Rose

Ugh why do these people even procreate?! It's a vicious cycle. Grandma, mom, and one day this kid will be an idiot mother.

adamat34 adamat34

No, as a nurse, and social worker I know accidents happen to the best of parents. Intervention and parenting classes will probably suffice in this case. I highly doubt she ment for the grease to splatter. Id be willing to bet aftee everything this case will be closed.

femal... femaleMIKE

I actually left a party the other day because people were smoking cigarettes in the house and I didnt want my baby breathing it in.  yuck.  They were "respectful" by leaving the room to puff. (She stood in teh doorway to where I was sitting, which was useless)

femal... femaleMIKE

I don't think she did it on purpose.  I just think she lacks alot of "common" sense.

cmjaz cmjaz

An idiot but doesnt deserve jail.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

We need to change the term "common sense" because it doesn't seem all that common anymore. We were visiting my so's grandmother and she decided it was fine to stand by the uncovered pot of boiling water while holding my half naked 18 month old in her arms. Sure enough I hear screaming from the kitchen and run in and her response was "Oh he just got a little water splashed on his leg" like it was no big deal.

socal... socalmommy13

She burned her with her cig and lied about it.

Kellie Lauer

"it'll be a real shame if her actions after the fact wind up sending her to jail" smoking while holding her daughter? send her to jail? your delusional! Its a cigarette! How does her being a smoker make her an idiot? Because this woman smokes she's automatically lying about how her daughter was burned? LOOK at the BURNs those aren't cigarette burns! You people have your heads so far up your asses its ridiculous. Do your children live in bubbles where they cant breathe air from outside your home? You know in reality where there are so many pollutants cigarette smoke should be the least of your worries? It just give you something to feel superior about which is clearly a delusion considering your kids are breathing worse things waiting for the school bus... get over yourselves.

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