Car Towed With Sleeping Child Inside Is All Her Mom's Fault (VIDEO)

car being towed

Wow. You really can't make this stuff up. A mom in Texas is all bent out of shape after her car was towed away with her 4-year-old inside of it -- while the little girl was sleeping in the back seat.

Brandy Taylor pulled into an apartment complex, parked, then supposedly went inside one of the units to pick up another child. And when she came out, her car was gone -- along with her daughter. She told KHOU11 News, "Some wrecker truck people came and towed my car with my little girl in the back seat, and I was trying to get my other baby. They left with it."

Luckily, she was quickly reunited with the child, as the sheriff's office was able to track down the truck a few miles away. The driver apparently did not see the little girl in the back when he drove off, so as of now, no charges have been filed.


And now Brandy has a message for others who visit this apartment complex. Check out this video to hear more.

Be careful where you park. Um ... am I the only one who thinks the tow truck driver is not the one to blame here?

Why in the heck did she leave the little girl in the car in the first place? As parents, it's practically drilled into our heads that leaving our kids in our vehicles is something we should never do under any circumstances. And even if she had left her there because she did not want to wake her up, she had to have been inside the apartment for at least a good 20 to 30 minutes ... right?

Someone would've had to call the towing company, and then the driver would've had to hook the car up and move it out of there, which definitely takes more than a few minutes.

I understand that sometimes as moms we really have our hands full and think it can't hurt to leave our kids -- but this should serve as one more reminder that it's never a good idea ... EVER.

Forget pressing charges on the driver. This mom should just be happy she's not the one in hot water over what happened to her kid.

Would you ever leave a sleeping child in the car alone?


Image via KHOU11 News

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