Drunk Dad Doesn't Notice When 4-Year-Old Son Is Ejected From Car (VIDEO)

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Horrible news out of Texas. A 4-year-old boy was in the car with his entire family when his father hit a guardrail on the expressway -- and the boy was thrown out of the window and onto the road. Horrifically, no one seemed to notice that the boy, who was sitting in the back, had been ejected, until the father pulled over miles later at a gas station and was checking the damage to the car. The father, Franklin Jackson, has been charged with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI, after the boy was found dead from head trauma on the side of the road.

The boy had been riding with his father, his mother, and his three younger siblings when he was ejected from the back of the vehicle through a window. He was reportedly the only one not wearing a seatbelt. The father had reportedly hit a guardrail twice.

The dad said he didn't realize the boy had been thrown from the car. Unbelievably, no one else seemed to realize it either. However, presumably the mother was sitting upfront and didn't see it. And the siblings, who are ages 1, 2, and 3 months, were too young to notice it or draw attention to it.

This little boy was tossed from the window of a car and left to die on the side of the road and no one even noticed! Horrible.

Reportedly, everyone else in the family was belted into their seats when the father hit the guardrail.

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It just goes to show you should never take any chances with seatbelts -- kids should always be strapped into a vehicle. Also, of course, what on earth was the father doing driving drunk with his entire family in the car? He could have killed all of them. Or someone else on the road.

He also was reportedly drinking while in the car, as police say that a vodka bottle and beer cans were strewn around. Ugh, ugh, UGH!!! When your kids are in your car, their lives are literally in your hands.

If only this poor child had been buckled in. And the father hadn't been drinking! Just tragic.

Does this story change the way you will view seatbelts for children?


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Green... GreenEyesMom

....tragic. **Doesn't change anything for me I always have and always will strap 'em in**

So sad and totally preventable. R.I.P.

CLM3345 CLM3345

So heartbreaking. This "mom" and "dad" are fools and totally worthless as parents. I hope they lose custody of all the rest of their children. This mom should never have let her husband drink while driving with the children in the vehicle and dad shouldn't have been doing it either. It's likely not the first time he's done it either. It's their job to protect their children and they failed so miserably. RIP sweet baby :(

Kattey Kattey

Jail, jail, jail, forever.

Colleen Newell

I hope the mother is convicted as well. She is just as responsible, if not more so, for letting her children ride in a car with someone who was drinking, and for not buckling that boy in. And what mother doesn't check on ALL her children after any kind of accident?! There is no excuse for them to not even have noticed until kiles down the road, and no excuse for this to have happened in the first place. Terrible, abusive parenting.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

I can't even wrap my head around the story, that poor baby

Disne... Disneylove3

The mother should be held accountable as well. Who rides in a car with their kids. while their husband is drunk or drinking while driving. 

nonmember avatar Maxine

Shame on that m*****f...put him in jail forever wtf or baby

Trist... TristanMitchael

The .mother should be charged with something too! She allowed her children to ride in a vehicle with a drunk driver - I would think that's some sort of child endangerment!

I hope that poor angel didn't suffer :(

Jody Alton

What mother would allow this to happen?  I would NEVER allow my child in the vehicle with someone under the influence.  Even having four under four (seriously?) wouldn't make me be so reckless with any of my children.  I hope both parents go down for this, and if the mother doesn't, I hope they at least take the other children and put them in better homes.

Jenna... Jennahalt

What kind of car did they have? It was probably a 5 seater or something so they just didn't care about buckling him in. I hope they took the other kids away. I feel so sad for the boy

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