4-Year-Old Survives Awful Car Crash Thanks to 1 Simple Thing (VIDEO)

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Vallillian Burns

Getting into a car accident with our kids in the vehicle has to be one of the scariest scenarios any parent can conceive of -- which is something one man knows all too well this week.

While traveling on the highway, Xavier Robinson's car was hit from behind, which caused him to lose control -- resulting in the car flipping over four times and landing in a ditch. And all he could think about while the accident was taking place was his little cousin -- who was traveling with him that day in the back seat.

After he crawled out of the car, he immediately discovered that 4-year-old Vallillian Burns had been thrown from the vehicle. Luckily, she was alive and only had a small scratch on her cheek. And you can probably guess what Xavier credits with saving her life.

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Yep ... her car seat. She was still strapped into it -- and was hanging from a fence near the ditch "like a backpack."

Check out this video clip to hear Xavier's account of the accident.

We're told over and over again that car seats save lives -- but sometimes it takes a story like this to drill the idea into our heads even more.

Let's be honest -- car seats are kind of a pain in the butt, especially in the winter months when you have to deal with taking coats on and off, etc.

And it's pretty safe to say that most parents have thought about forgoing the car seat all together and strapping their preschooler in with the seat belt instead -- if it's only for a quick drive down the street, or to pop over to a neighbor's house. After all, we didn't even have car seats as kids, and we turned out just fine ... right?

Wrong. We got lucky. And we simply can't take the safety of our kids lightly ... EVER. Strapping them into their car seat may just be a matter of life and death. Every time you even consider doing otherwise ... think about this sweet little girl and how awful the outcome of that wreck might have been had her cousin not taken the time to buckle her in.

Do you always use a car seat for your child?


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fullx... fullxbusymom

Always Always Always I am the sterotypical car seat natzi.

Mary229 Mary229

Yes, I always use a car seat for my children.  And I do not transition them out of the seat until they have reached the height/weight limits or until the seat is expired, which ever comes first.

nonmember avatar mel

Yep my family likes to not be serious about car seats. They make it bigger so she can fit in with her coat! Ice had to explain a million times how in an accident that coat will compress leaving inches of space between the strap and my daughter's body. This happened to my aunts kids In a small car accident. Her seats were always loose and each kid got hurt.

Railr... RailroadGirl

I believe the reason we all lived through the no car seat era is because their weren't the number of cars on the road as their is now. Car seats and seat belts always must be in use.

hello... hellokd87

In addition to RailRoad Girl's comment. There also weren't an abundance of idiot drivers & careless a holes back then than there are now.

Lawry Crosby

And Cars were made of METAL no Fiberglass!!


As a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician... All I can say is please please please use them no matter what. I elected to get certified as a result of seeing too many accidents where children were lost due to a lack of them (as a former EMT). They make a world of diference. If you're having trouble installing them, you can take them and (your vehicle of course) to the local fire department they can help install properly. Also, any carseat that's been in an accident must be replaced.

nonmember avatar Annoyed

To expand on railroad and hello's comments, cars were made differently. My daddy drove a 1964 Chevy 10cc fleet side long bed truck. One day while my friends and I were playing my dad was going to go grab a beer at the store and when he left my friends and I forgot our soda cans on the bumper. When my dad was going to turn into the store parking lot a girl driving her dad's 91' corvette made a right hand turn and rear ended my daddy's truck. Now she was drunk and going pretty fast, enough that went she collided with daddy's truck her dad's whole front end was so mashed up the car ended up being totaled. My daddy's truck though had no damage, not a chip of paint, and the sodas did not even move let alone spill. Now you can't look wrong at a car with out it getting a scratch.

Tyson Fricker

Yet people won't use them on airplanes for their children 2 and under.

nonmember avatar morgan

Im glad she is in good health and didnt suffer any injuries!

She was strapped into the carseat but how did she get ejected our of a window and end up hanging from a fence if the carseat is supposed to be strapped to the cars actual seat...?

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