'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Makes Heartbreaking Decision for Son's Sake

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kailyn lowry and kidsOhhhh, poor Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin! The Teen Mom 2 stars have had to face a heartbreaking moment as parents: what to do when your beloved dog becomes a danger to your family.

Kail and her children are often seen in photos surrounded by the family's pets, from dogs to cats and even a turtle. But it seems one of their dogs, a mastiff named Honey, turned on little Isaac recently:


Ugh! Could a decision be more agonizing?

As a mom who is raising a child with two dogs, I can't imagine having to turn my beloved dogs out of the house. They are part of the family.

And yet, our kids come first. Kailyn made the right choice here.

It's hard to know if a dog that bites once will bite again, but the risk is much higher than with a dog that hasn't shown any aggressive tendencies.

Some folks feel that retraining a dog that has bitten is enough, but when you've got kids involved, the risks are pretty high. Even children being raised to be kind and respectful of their pets are likely to do things that make a dog mad ... they're kids! If the dog can't handle that, there's no way they should be around any child, least of all toddler Isaac and baby Lincoln.

Frankly, with that in mind, I don't even think it has to come to an actual bite with some dogs. I don't know what sort of behavior Honey showed prior to biting Isaac, so I don't fault Kail for waiting to rehome her dog, but some pups simply are not good with kids. Period.

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Children are the victims of half of the 4.7 million dog bites in the United States every year, and one third of THOSE are from the family dog. But many of those dogs showed signs of aggression before actually biting a child.

Snarling, showing their teeth, and snapping at a child are all signs of aggressive behavior that may or may not signal the dog is fed up with or uncomfortable with a child. If the child is creating the problem, then work with the child to address the issue. If the child is NOT at fault, get help! Sometimes it's as simple as some obedience classes, but an expert can also tell you if this dog really needs to find a new home ... before disaster strikes.

Have you ever had to rehome a pet? What were the signs?


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stace... stacey541

We had to do that when our son was 2. Dog nipped him-not the dogs fault, but he had to go before something serious happened that would force him to be put down. He looooves his kid free life at my inlaws.

nonmember avatar henderswife

My daughter was a preemie and stayed in the NICU for one month. Our chihuahua jumped on her the day after we brought her home. We got rid of him the next day and it broke our heart to let him go but our daughter's safety was far more important. She made the right decision.

Heather Marie Miller

We had to re-home a rescued black lab because she attacked my son and tore his back up! I never gave it a second thought. She made the right decision to get rid of the dog.

Shelby Lynn

my dog bit my son the other day. but we have no plans on getting rid of her. shes my sons best friend.

Gerri Moore

This is upsetting to me that parents do not realize that you can not leave a child & any animal alone!! Maybe she just had two many kids too soon(to young),& it became overwhelming for her? Maybe she should have not put to much on her plate! Animals Are like children,IF you can't keep them for life,then don't have them!!!!

RoseFan1 RoseFan1

Im sorry...henderswife...sounds like one or both of you were just waiting for even the TINIEST of ANYTHING to happen just to get rid of the dog...you didnt even work with him? how was he supposed to know little human with new smells was off limits on the first day or two?! you should be ashamed of yourself to say that it broke your heart! downright DISGUSTING!

Tabitha Ferguson

I was always with my son and the dog we had became very jelous and when i would hold my son the dog began nipping at me but not my son till one day when i sneezed the dog scratched my son in the face and so i got rid of her and she is happy with the older couple that took her I just think she didnt like kids and liked all the attention so I think she did the right thing her kids should always come first

nonmember avatar Dasha

Would never get rid of my mastiff ... He's my baby !! He has bitten my daughter but he just didn't know!! I didn't even have a thought about getting him re homed, I hired a professional that showed me how and what to do to teach him not to bite.. Pets are not toys if you deside to bring one into your life you can't just turn around and give one up after one wrong thing!!!

Amanda Robertson

its a dog not a person, a pet not a child. Stop trying to give animals human rights.

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

@Amanda just because it's a pet and not a child doesn't mean they shouldn't have rights! They are living breathing creatures that feel and think just like us. Does that mean a person should keep a dog around their child if they are worried about thier childs safety? No. But that dog still should have the right to a safe, loving home. 

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