Little Girl Colors Herself to Sleep at Night in Adorable Photo Series

Getting little kids to stay in their bed is usually a notoriously difficult task. It’s why there are all those clichés about needing another drink of water, or one more trip to the bathroom, or one more tuck-in, or one more [insert thing child wants here].

So as a parent, if you find something that works, you tend to stick with it. We recently came across one blogger, Casey Carey-Brown, who has been sharing some adorable pictures of her daughter Riley sleeping peacefully with some unusual lovies

Roozle, as she’s known on Casey’s blog, Life with Roozle, has been dozing off each night as she colors herself to sleep! Casey told The Stir, “Bedtime has been a struggle for Riley for the past year,” and after one particularly frustrating night, she was hit with inspiration.

“I handed her a piece of paper on a clipboard and a few crayons and told her she could stay up coloring as long as she wanted to, but needed to stay in her room. She stayed in her room that night and fell asleep coloring, so a new bedtime routine was born.”

Amen, sister. Sometimes a mom’s got to do what a Mom’s got to do.

Click through to see some of the cutest pics of an adorable little snoozy artist, and tell us in the comments what tricks you've used to get your little ones to stay in bed.


Image via Casey Carey-Brown


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CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

This must be staged. I have kids - I've seen real kids' art. Where are the bloodied daggers? The fanged monsters? The decapitated school children? Nice try.

chama... chamamahaha

My daughter does this or reads, n she doesntt draw bad stuff like that other comment says

Spiri... Spiritrunner

mine draw perfectly "normal" pictures, trees cats ect. i've caught them asleep many times crayon in hand, just cuz its super cute doesnt mean its staged...

Todd Vrancic

CrazyAZ, maybe you need to get your kids seen by someone.  Or maybe not.  Not all kids like to draw horrors, just like not all kids want to draw hearts and snowmen.

Cassidy Johnson

Lol at everyone taking CrazyAZ's comment seriously. Sarcasm anyone?

Green... GreenEyesMom

LOL.... I was a bit older then a toddler when I started drawing all that, AZ... Like...10 maybe 12.

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