Widower Dad & Daughter Create Haunting Photo Series Depicting Life Without Mom

Ben and Ali got married in 2009, one day after they closed on their new home in Cincinnati, Ohio. For a fun photo shoot, they invited Ali's photographer sister Melanie to take their wedding photos in their empty house. Those pictures themselves were lovely and full of symbolism for a new beginning.

Fast forward almost five years, and the same photographer and setting tell a much different story. Ali was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lung cancer after the birth of their daughter Olivia, and the 31-year-old new mom passed away in 2011, less than a year after her diagnosis. 

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Olivia is now 3, and she and her dad are moving to a new house. He invited Melanie to come re-create some of the shots she had taken for his wedding, only now with his beautiful daughter by his side instead of his bride. The results are gut-wrenching and heart-warming all at once.

Grab a tissue and click through to see some truly touching moments caught on camera.

Image via Melanie Pace/Loft3 Photography

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Such a beautiful story & pictures.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Why would u put the word haunting in the title?

jenes... jenesis509

awe so sweet but seriously the angel made me cry 

Drago... Dragon.Momma86

How are these haunting?! They did bring tears to my eyes tho

Roman... RomansMommy2011

These pictures are not haunting. So why put that in a title.

jessi... jessicasmom1

we  are depicting with out Dad who passed 12 years ago DD is soon to be 14

lasombrs lasombrs

heartbreaking. I lost my mother as a child. Its very hard :( Way to go dad for making some awesome memories with his daughter and creating a beautiful memento for them to treasure

nonmember avatar cher

Daddy making memories for his daughter I'm sure Mommy smiling down on both of them. May she Rest In Peace.

nonmember avatar Yoooo

"Haunting" does not always mean "scary ghost!" You can be haunted by a thought, an emotion, which is what these pictures do.

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