Baby Dies After 3-Year-Old Sister Tried to Change His Diaper

Heartbreaking 101

baby mobileOhhhh. My heart hurts. A baby has died, and police say the last thing that happened to him was a diaper change -- by his 3-year-old sister. What a horrible reminder that toddlers can do irreparable damage -- even when they don't intend to!

According to police 6-month-old Feonyx Clarke was found by his mother in his crib. The baby had several clean diaper bags around him, along with baby wipes and a clean diaper. The boy's mom, Kristy, told police her daughter had gone upstairs that evening, but when mom went up to check on her, the little girl went to mom's bed and fell asleep, as toddlers do.

According to police, "suffocation" on the diaper bags is the possible cause of death. The inquest found his brain was starved of oxygen.

Sadly, this could have happened to anyone with more than one child. You can't keep an eye on them every single second of the day, especially not when you have more than one child. At some point, you have to go pee or take a shower!

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I don't know how many times I've heard parents fret about baby number two only to be assured "Oh, your toddler will HELP you." I always cringe when I hear it.

Are they really suggesting a toddler help with a BABY?

Yes, it's natural for toddlers to want to be helpful, and it's something we need to nurture in them. Unfortunately, every mom knows that their desire to be helpful and their actual ability don't always match up.

Ever had a 3-year-old "brush their own hair" or "put on their own clothes" only to have to do it all over again for them, as they kick and scream "Mommy, I do it myself!"? Welcome to parenthood.

Unfortunately, re-buttoning a shirt is one thing. But you can't undo harm -- even completely unintentional harm -- to a baby, as this case shows.

Moms, Dads, take this one to heart. Don't leave your toddler alone with a baby if you can help it. They mean well, but they don't always know what they're doing.

Do you worry about your toddler and baby together? What do you do to make things safer?



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crunc... crunchymomma87

This article doesn't state what happened. Did the toddler try to change the diaper? Did it accidently smother it with diapers? No details

Lilit... Lilith.23

Is it me or this article gives no real details on te story,just a bunch of rambling and pointless sentences.

What really happened?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yea..Did the baby smother because "diaper bags where everywhere" or what? 

nonmember avatar sophsmom

So sad.and the article does say suffocation was the possible cause of death bc the diaper bags. Brain was starved of oxygen.details are there, you just have to read it.

L.C.S. L.C.S.

When the article first appeared, that sentence was not in there

nonmember avatar Connie

Why is the writer defending the story as if they were there. I'm quite sure there will be an investigation. Sound like neglect still. No 3 y/o shud be told they killed their baby brother that's unbearable for that child to carry for her life. The parents and the System needs to be very careful with this accusation to save someone else's shame. Mom needs to accept neglect; so her daughter's life is not ridden with quilt.

othermom othermom

So sad about the baby. I did allow my older kids who were toddlers at the time to help. They would bring me diapers or bottles and toys for the baby, but were also watched very closely.

nonmember avatar cheyanne

I think the parents should be charged with neglect. How long would the 3 yr old have to be alone with the baby for this to happen? Why wasn't she being watched. My son Phoenix (I love their spelling in the article btw) will be 2-3 when his baby brother/sister is born since he's almost one and im trying to conceive. Either way id watch him closely around any young baby cause he wouldnt know if he's hurting them.

Melissa Larbig

It sounds like the toddler put the diaper bag over the babies head, probably tried to change his diaper too. This is really really sad, I imagine this little girl is going to live with a ton of guilt when she gets older even though it wasn't her fault. Just thinking about my 1 1/2 year old, she always tries to play with other babies and tries to help out but she can be rough, they just don't understand that the alive babies aren't like their baby dolls, they don't get it. This is probably the saddest thing I have ever read, and I really hope that there aren't any other issues like anyone in the family being angry at the toddler...that has to be so hard

Adrian Bryant Casey
Check the link. They don't know for sure that is what killed him. Still a sad story. He was face down. Could have been SIDS. I hope for the sake of the three-year-old it was. Hopefully that kid will never have to hear that she killed her little brother.

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