15 Stages of the Hell That Is Potty Training (PHOTOS)


potty trainingOMG. Out of all the challenges we go through as parents, potty training our kids has to be one of the toughest for sure. As much as we can't wait to finally kick the diapers to the curb -- let's just say our patience starts wearing a little thin when we have one failed attempt after another.

Cleaning up pee gets pretty old after you've done it 20 times in one day. (And let's not even mention when they have an accident with number two.)

But then when the day finally arrives when our kiddos finally get it -- we want to shout the fact that they're toilet trained from the rooftops (or Facebook).

Check out these photos to see 15 stages pretty much every parent goes through while trying to potty train their child.

1. You're so excited to finally get going you can hardly stand it -- and you know your kid is going to be totally into it.

Britney Spears

2. You get the little potty set up and ready. It's go time.

jiggy with it gif

3. You have the kiddo sit on the pot and you wait patiently.

Despicable Me

4. He says, "I all done" and walks off. You look in the potty expecting to see the mother load. But there's NOTHING. 

rachel mcadams

5. All of a sudden you hear a giggle coming from the living room. You walk over and realize he's peed on the carpet.

Selena Gomez

6. You sigh, say, "That's ok, honey" -- and proceed to clean up the mess and tell yourself it's only his first accident.

Rashida Jones

7. All of a sudden he yells that he needs to poop. You squeal with anticipation and sit him back down on the potty.

Emma Stone

8. He sits there for a good 10 minutes and produces exactly NOTHING. You try to contain your disappointment, but can't.

Jennie Garth

9. You need to make a grocery store run, so you put a pull-up on him just to be on the safe side -- but you're not happy about it.

Lauren Conrad

10. As soon as you pull out of the driveway, he shits his pants. You break down in tears.

James Van Der Beek

11. You clean him up and remind him that poop belongs in the potty and then suddenly a light bulb goes off in your head -- you have a GREAT idea.


12. You get the bag of M&M's out of the pantry and proceed to taunt him with them as a bribe for successfully using the potty.

Santana laughing

13. He sits on the potty and pees a little bit. You give him a couple M&M's and start celebrating.

George Costanza

14. He goes on the potty a few more times and is all hyped up on sugar from the M&M's, but you don't care. You think you might actually have this in the bag.

Scott Disick

15. You spoke too soon. You run out of M&M's, and suddenly your carpets are soaked again. Time to start over. You failed.

Claire Danes

Have you had a tough time with potty training?


Image via Ocean/Corbis

potty training


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

1. Wait for kid to say they're ready to use the potty

2. Celebrate no longer needing diapers.

Robin Hartman

Let kid run around the yard naked in Summer with little potty nearby. Done.

Todd Vrancic

Have the older ones around to set an example for the ones being toilet trained.  With our youngest, we didn't have to really do anything except reward him when it was over--the kids did all the work!

Caley Johnson

I put this on a different post. I potty trained my 2 year old boy in less that one day. I told him I was not cleaning another diaper and if he wanted to continue to use his pants as a toilet, he had to deal with it. he tested it once. hid and went in his pants. I put him in the shower made him take off his pants in there, clean them himself and clean his body. One shower, one day. My son is 4 now and is awsome at the potty. :}


Danielle J. O'Neill

There is a GREAT book called The Diaper Free Baby! It is about a technique called Elimination Communication. We did that with our daughter. She is 3 and has been fully potty trained for daytime for quite some time now. Also, a small tip. Let the child go in the bathroom with you or your partner when you go. It's a part of every day life...it's normal...It's not some obstacle to overcome. Once they see that it's no big deal and that's just what people do, it will help them feel comfortable. The more hyped up you get, the more they feel it is something to get nervous about.

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