8 Gifts Moms REALLY Want This Christmas

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Ahh ... Christmas. It's one of the few days out of the year where we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with our family -- usually beginning at a very early hour, I might add.

And while most moms will probably agree that the holiday is more about our kids than anyone else -- we love finding something special under the tree on Christmas morning too.

But to be honest, plenty of moms are totally over sweaters, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, and the like.

If you want to get the mom in your life something a really special and memorable gift this Christmas -- here are eight amazing, non-material ideas that will make her face light up even brighter than the lights on your tree.

  1. Spa retreat -- Instead of giving her a basket of fancy bath and body products, treat mom to a day at the spa instead. Present her with a gift certificate that she can redeem for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure -- whatever her pleasure. Nothing says "I love you" like a day of pampering.
  2. Weekend of solitude -- I received this a couple years back and to this day, it's the best gift I've ever gotten. My husband and son checked me into a hotel in a quaint seaside town for the weekend. I shopped, slept, read, watched movies, ate, and drank wine. And I didn't have to talk to a soul. It was magical.
  3. Day to be lazy -- Write out a cute little card informing mom that she's going to be given a day off in the near future to do nothing but lay on the couch all day and watch chick flicks. She'll be so thrilled at the thought, she'll weep.
  4. Hall pass -- No, not that kind of hall pass. Make her up a little coupon booklet that gets her out of having to do all the things she normally takes care of on a daily basis. Whether it be laundry, dishes, carpooling, or whatever -- giving mom a break here and there is a wonderful gift.
  5. A cleaning service -- Even if it's only a one time thing -- hiring someone to deep clean the house from top to bottom is a gift you really can't put a price on.
  6. Something from the heart -- Like a video message from the kids telling mom all the reasons why they love and appreciate her. Or even a sweet, hand-written card will touch her heart in a way no material present can.
  7. A date night -- Pick a date in the near future and get a babysitter lined up. Then make a cute little invitation asking mom to go out for a night on the town -- just the two of you. Trust me, simply taking it upon yourself to get the babysitter is a gift in itself.
  8. A personal chef -- Like the cleaning service, this can even be a one time deal. Hire someone to come in and take the weight off her shoulders for a night (or more if you can swing it.) Oh -- and make sure they do the dishes too!

What are you planning on getting the mom in your life for Christmas?


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Tracys2 Tracys2

Apart from the spa day, I'd love all of those, and have asked for them, but never got them. How do you convince men that those are way, WAY better than clothes and jewelry, and that you don't need something wrapped in a box (or if you do, a piece of paper is fine)?

Frannie Taysavang

every year for mother's day, i get my husbands cc and one day to do anything i want. i would love it if this was my gift every holiday/ birthday. or the ckeaning service. these are all awesome!


Can we put this on a billboard for the world to see?  This stuff should be bounded into a book and passed out to everyone.   I love, love, love, LOVE each and every one of these ideas.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

The year my son was born for my birthday (two months later) My husband booked me a full spa day, had his mother come over and help him clean the house, and he made supper. It was a really nice surprise especially since we don't make it a point to exchange gifts.

linzemae linzemae

I just want sleep. More than 2 hours at a time

Crystal Rider

I would take any 1 item on this list! 

Krystian Kaufold

I'd rather take the soap gift set. Spas are way to expensive. 

nonmember avatar momo8.5

If settle for a chance to go to the bathroom in peace, and perhaps a shower without kids talking to me.

nonmember avatar ago

Snapa right on! Emailing this to my hubby now. ...

nonmember avatar SexyMomma

I want an overnight babysitter for my son, so me and my husband can have some... "personal time" without having to sneak or be interuptted :p

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