9 Crazy Things Parents Have Found in Their Kids' Ears (PHOTOS)

mothRecently, a mom found a dandelion growing out of her toddler's ear. And let's get real: That's crazy. But since the dawn of time, parents have been finding weird crap stuck inside their small children's ears, because, well, kids are idiots. Just kidding.

I conducted a little poll of my own to find out the strange objects moms and dads have pulled from their children's ears, and while the dandelion growth is hard to top, let's just say this: A live, fluttering moth is a close second.

Here are 9 crazy things parents have found in their children's ears.

Image via keith roper/Flickr

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Katriena Young

My oldest nephew stuck a bead up his nose when he was around 3 or so. He manged to get if so the hole was facing down so he could breath through it. It was up there for a day or 2 before he said his nose hurt. His parents had to take him to the doctors to get it out.

adamat34 adamat34

Ive seen all.these in a nasal passage or ear canal except the moth.....kids are funny. Its usually harmelss and just requires a quick trip.toba pcp or ent to remove. This author is blowing this out of proportion. Only time it can be dangerous (rare) is if it perforates a membrane...

Kayla Jolene Hoosier

When I was little, I was eating popcorn one night and I got bored and stuck a popcorn seed in my ear to see how well it would fit.  I started panicking because I couldn't get it back out and with each attempt it went farther in.  I was too embarrassed to tell my parents so I just went to sleep.  The next morning I tried and failed again to get it out.  I figured then that it would just fall out on its own, so I completely forgot about it after that.  A year later, I had incredible ear pain.  My parents took me to the doctor, he noticed a blockage and said he would have to flush my ear.  I didn't know why until he eventually pulled out the popcorn seed that I had completely forgotten about!  It actually looked like a hard pea by then.  Don't ask how because I don't know but it had started growing roots in my ear!  That's why my ear hurt so bad!  I had several ear infections a couple times a year for several years afterward in that ear, but I never stuck anything in my ear again.  This entire experience has made me almost completely deaf in that ear because the popcorn seed and the subsequent ear infections damaged my ear drum.

nonmember avatar mommaof2boys

My now 11 year old has asthma, one day when is was 4 or 5 he kept coughing and coughing ( that led to throwing up every time he would cough!) well we just chalked it up to his asthma so we took hI'm in to get some steroids and the dr did the usual check up in his ears and saw a piece of hair on his eardrum, that was tickling him and caused him to cough and throw up! Lol

Truth... Trutherford85

When my lil sis was about 4 she stuck a giant heart shape bead so far up her nose it took the doctor 2 hrs to remove it! Haha

Randolph Nolen

My son stuck one of those flat marbles like you put in aquariums in his ear when he was 6, and it took a trip to the ER and sedation to get it out.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Ugh. The moth one is giving me the chills! Eek!

Gail Burgeson

My dad stuck a rock in his ear and had to go to the doctor to get it removed. Apparently there was a pea commercial that talked about putting peas in your nose and ears that he was just immitating

Joy Harvey Wilson

WHen my nephew was little he kept failing hearing tests.  Finaly after going to the doctor, he pulled an apple seed out of my nephew's ear.

Kathe... Katherine410

Not a child but still funny and child like! My step dad wadded up toilet paper in to little balls to use as ear plugs when we were at a music festival. He was in the bathroom for over an hour the next morning and when he finally emerged he told us he lost the toilet paper in one of his ears, it was just to far in there. My mom and I cried laughing about him having to go to the doctor and admit to putting toilet paper in his ears;-) (he was about 45yrs old).

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