Dads Say the Most Inappropriate Things While on Kid Duty at the Park (VIDEO)

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dadholesEver wonder what the playground dads are saying to each other? It's funnier than I ever could have imagined. These "dadholes" (a name self-prescribed) have their own motto: Dying is easy. Being a dad is hard. And I'm sure they'll agree that being a mom is just as hard, too.

These dadholes, Chris Wylde and Darrell Britt-Gibson, capture a few moments of playground conversation. Maybe it's not what you've heard any parent say while keeping an eye on their kids playing, but it's no doubt what so many of us have thought. Prepare -- this video is hilarious ... and filled with profanities.


No hitting! No hitting! Oh we've all been there -- whether it's your kid doing the hitting or the one being hit.

These dadholes are saying what's on so many people's minds already. Of course the one dad wishes it was a hot mom or nanny who enjoys keeping secrets instead of another dad sitting next to him. And who hasn't thought of their kid as a little parasite? The cutest, wootest, cutie patootie parasite! And next came the moment I literally laughed out loud. When the one dad tells the other that his son is handsome and the other dad corrects him saying she's a girl and her hair refuses to grow and she loves Star Wars.

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Yo Gabba Gabba? Yo hatey hatey hates it.

When the one dad is happy to learn the girl he thought was a boy is named Jessica, he goes on a little rant about how he hates when parents name kids after a place like Brooklyn or London because then you might as well name your girl "will do anal." OMG.

For the record I don't think that's true at all, but I did laugh. I also laughed when the dad said how he's so glad he had a son because if not he'd have the hottest slut around. Deep-rooted fear there for any parent of a girl. When the dads disperse to get their "little mistakes," the one asks if the other will be there tomorrow. He replies, Yeah unless God shows me mercy and kills me in my sleep. The other dad deadpans, It will never happen. That dad's response: Yeah, I'll live long enough to pay for college and my son's gay wedding.

Funny stuff, dadholes!

What do you think of this video? Be honest, have you ever thought the same kinds of things?

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the4m... the4mutts

Hahahaha sounds like us ragging on our nephews every weekend.

I dont say things QUITE like that about my kids, because they're not old enough to take those kinds of jokes yet. But we do tease them pretty well. I wrote in a sharpie on their bathroom cup last night (the one they use to rise hair in the bath, not the rise the mouth out one)


This came after my 4yr old drank from the cup, and puked up soap suds for an hr. THE CUPS ARE DIFFERENT COLORS, and he had to get it from the tub to fill it with water!

They found it hilarious. My 10yr old even txtd a pic of it to our nephews, with the caption "wash your dishes, or my mom will write on all your stuff too!"

Happy... Happydad73

I tell my kids they are the milk man's. When I call home and they answer, they tell my wife its the milk man calling. I tell them I am gonna sell them off to the man with the highest offer, no saving up a dowry here. They are gonna grow up needing hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy or be immune to everything people can say. I'm not sure which yet.

the4m... the4mutts

Happydad: sounds about like how I feel. My kids have remarkably thick skin, but who knows what they'll be thinking when they're 30?

They'll probably disown me haha

Nina Cote

i love the part where he asks how old the boy is and the dad answers "i don't care my wife knows that shit" lol and the other part when the black guys asks what the white guys wife does and he replies "spend my money" lol

Amy Gervaise

saying this stuff to another adult is one thing but saying it to your child is why we have so much bulling in schools now, there own parents are picking on them (the4mutts) how do you expect them to treat others.   Children live what they learn and people need to realize they are their childs first teacher. Parents please be the adult and grow up!

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, piss off. My kids have never bullied anyone. Period.

My oldest is a staunch pacifist, and every time I go to the school, I am amazed by his popularity. The 2nd may care too much about her looks, but is more kind to the other kids than any child I have ever seen. The 3rd has the BEST sense of humor, and is quick with a joke. The 4th, well, he's 4. So he's cranky and thinks farts are hilarious.

Also, my kid's aunt works at the school, and would be on them like flies on shit if they ever even came close to bullying another kid.

Why dont you get the stick out of your ass, and grow a sense of humor? Or at the very least, try accepting the fact that other may have a sense of humor that differs from yours.

At least my kids wont be the ones everyone hates because they take themselves too seriously, and tattle every time someone breathes the wrong way.

Todd Vrancic

Amy, relax a bit.  These people will cut off their right arm if they needed to do it to protect their kids.  Teasing with love behind it is different from bullying, and kids (for the most part) know it.

the4m... the4mutts

Todd- Exactly.

My kids know when they're being teased by friends/family out of love.

My nephews? They're adults and teens. They can stick up for themselves lol

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I joke with mine too! And so does hubby! It's part of the family dynamic to try and not be serious 100% of the time! Life is too short to not have fun (tease and get teased back by your kids). If your kids can't tell when you are playing and when you are being serious or bullying, you should probably spend more time with them. IJS..

Anoth... AnotherKim

That's funny!!!

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