Preschool Teacher: "I Don't Want Kids"

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How would you feel if your son or daughter's preschool teacher liked her job well enough but hated the idea of parenthood? Would you still send your child to that school?

I wonder if, deep down, a person who's missing the parenting gene is less capable of caring for and teaching your child than someone else who is or wants to be a mom someday. Could it be akin to the male gynecologist trying to empathize with the woman in labor, or the parentless pediatrician offering tips on dealing with tantrums?


In case you're wondering why someone might feel this way, a essay from a preschool teacher who doesn't want kids shares her reasoning: 

"The pressure to be the best version of myself as a teacher and a person for my kids is huge and scary, even as one of many in the cast of characters in each of their lives. The idea of being a mother and therefore The One, the axis on which a child's world orbits, terrifies me.

"And while my kids reflect the love and care they're given in simple ways, a relationship with a child is not fully reciprocal. To give to kids all day long is often to throw love into a vacuum. As much as I believe in the importance of the work that I do, it often depletes me. I wince at the edge in my voice at the end of a particularly challenging day. How much sharper would it get if a child's needs came at me twenty-four hours a day instead of thirty-odd hours a week? I don't care to find out."


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