Guys Toss Toddlers Around & Uptight Parents Freak Out (VIDEO)

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It seems like everyone at some point in their young lives had an uncle -- or dad, if you were really lucky -- who wouldn't think twice about picking you up, tossing you into the air, and throwing you down on the couch just for sport. And you laughed and laughed until your side split and begged him to do it again while your mom either screamed at him to stop or winced in disapproval but let it carry on. 

Yeah, nowadays, not so much. A video from 2008 showing an uncle and possibly a dad tossing their toddler and young children back and forth like footballs has resurfaced and is -- yet again -- causing controversy because some say this type of behavior is flat-out reckless and borderline abusive. 

The video is shot by a woman who is the opposite of my mother in every conceivable way. She isn't yelling at these men to be careful with the kids and then stepping in to grab us and place us in holding cells until the men have been properly handled. Oh no, she is having an absolute ball watching them give the kids each an equal chance at being thrown about like paper cranes. At what appears to be some kind of backyard party, the family is gathered around a picnic table having a fab time watching the two men throw each kid between them.

And the kids are having a ball. Granted, kids would also enjoy bathing in Windex if we let them, but what I mean to say is this: no one in the family appears to be horrified by what is happening here. The two men look pretty damn strong and they're playing on grass. 

So what could happen? Well, a kid could certainly slip and break his leg or arm or worse -- somehow fall on his or her head and get brain damage. But then again, the men are so big and the distance between them isn't all that far, so the likelihood of this happening is probably small.


I keep going back and forth on this one. I want to believe this is no big deal because I feel we were roughhoused a whole lot more as kids and we turned out just fine. But the truth is, I would totally make my husband stop doing this immediately if I saw him. Sure, this seems like a whole lot of fun, but the risk doesn't make it worth it.

Check out the video and see what you think:

Do you think it's okay to toss children around and roughhouse like this for fun?


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Towne Maggie

We did this with our kids and they are normal teenagers now

nonmember avatar sadie

Yeah. The kids are fine. These kids will probably grow up being able to function in society and silly things like that. We have 3 boys. Our oldest LOVES to be tossed into the air my middle child doesnt so my husband doesnt play that game with him and thats fine. LOOSEN UP. Youre doing a disservice to your children.

nonmember avatar Maggie

I'd rather dads do this rather than sit on the computer/TV and ignore their children.

ILove... ILovemyPaulie

No, I don't think it's right at all. I think it is absolutely sad & pathetic & it has to hurt the little boys arm pits. Those guys are morons.

nonmember avatar kendra

Dumbasses and they think its funny a kid could seriously get hurt where is the common Sense?

nonmember avatar Brooke

Oh get over it ! People have been doing this with children for fun for years - go find a hobby & stop putting down other people parenting & focus on your own children.

cmjaz cmjaz

Its fine. good God

GavsM... GavsMom0511

Oh my good gracious. There are more ridiculous things in the world to write about then this. My dad did this to me when I was little, it was FUN! And I turned out perfectly normal. Hell at 3 I was driving the 3 wheeler around. Are you going to take him to court for child endangerment?  Before you know it, everything that is fun will be outlawed. Get a grip

Courtney Elizabeth Stone

My dad used to grab me by the shirt and tossed me on the couch all my uncles did it and still does it to my little cousins. Its fine they are very careful, and kids love it! I loved it! its a thrill and a ride.

nonmember avatar Nattie

They're throwing him a little too high for my liking. I'd be nervous plus concerned that it would hurt baby's arm pits. Maybe one or two small catches and leave it at that.

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