'Teen Mom' Star Posts Dangerous Family Photo That Could Incite Violence

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Josh McKee gang signsGeez Louise, does Mackenzie Douthit McKee have a scandal button on her cellphone or something? Every time the Teen Mom 3 star takes a cellphone pic and uploads it to Instagram, people are on her like white on rice. But, well, this time Mackenzie might actually deserve the firestorm of criticism -- or at least husband Josh McKee does.

After all, the latest controversial pic shows Josh hanging with son Gannon and someone in the picture is throwing gang signs. Hint: it's not the 2-year-old.

I'm willing to bet the toddler can't tell a Blood from a Crip, and he wouldn't know a gang sign if it bit him in the diaper-covered tuchas. Which is EXACTLY why this photo is so inappropriate!

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There's a tendency -- among certain parents anyway -- to treat kids who are as young as Gannon like toys or props because they don't really "get" what's going on around them yet. To some extent, that's OK. You probably can get away with listening to a song with dirty lyrics, for example, around your 1-year-old, because she's too young to pay attention.

But parents need to remember that at some point, kids WILL get it, and you need to start being a role model sooner rather than later. 

Imagine little Gannon looking back at this photo in 10 years? He's going to know what Dad is doing here, and then what? How do you explain to your kid that it isn't something HE should really be doing?

By and large, the McKees seem like caring parents, but I think this photo is a big reminder that they started this whole parenting journey awfully young ... and they're making some rookie mistakes.

What do you think of the photo? How would you explain it to YOUR child?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar onna

Its there life abd if her son isnt in any harms way I dont see the problem

abra819 abra819

I'm just confused as to why a barely understanble redneck with no personality is even throwing gang signs.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

The first posterOBVIOUSLY has no understanding when it comes to gangs- What if the kid isnt really a blood? and some blood gang members see him repping something that he really isnt they dont take too kindly to wannabes

adamat34 adamat34

I was thinking that too abra....also,what a dumb article.....why is everythinf these teen moms do deemed newsworthy....

Spooky80 Spooky80

what a nice example josh is setting for his young boy.......

nonmember avatar Micheal

Who fucking cares what they do its there damn lives they can do whatever the freakin want and another its there kid they can teach him whatever they want or choose what he should be around let them live there own lives!

nonmember avatar susan

i dont see what the fuss is about...first off josh isnt even in a gang and a lot of people that do it that arent "bloods" do it just to see if they can do it or whatever...its not a big deal really in my eyes.

Andrea Stout

Plus what the hell does he know about gang signs when he's supposed to be this big country boy!

stephv09 stephv09

We can't make decisions for there life or there son just S.T.F.U seriously ya its not right to be posting this pic but there's nothing noone can do about it besides the c.I.s

early... earlybird11

We are concerned NOW after all things about the child's welfare? Have you never seen the show ? Thisbkid will need therapy but not because of this picture

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