Parents of Boy Who Had His Ear Bitten Off at Daycare Shouldn't Be So Upset

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toysThere are always going to be risks when we take our child out of the bubble called our home and send him off for others to take care of him. There are even risks in caring for your baby yourself. Things just happen. Things we don't want to happen, but that's why they are called accidents. One family is experiencing something horrific that happened to their 2-year-old while at only his second day at daycare. There was an incident that appears to involve another child ... another child who bit part of one child's ear off.

If you are a parent of a biter, this story is just as terrifying.

Of course if it was my child whose ear was bitten off, I would be livid. This is so awful. Why weren't the kids being monitored? Things like this happen in an instant, but my gosh that biter must have had some strong jaws to rip part of an ear off. And that's when I recall the time my son bit me on my back. The grip! I had no idea his jaw could be that strong. So then I also started feeling bad for the biter as well as the child who was bitten. It could have been my child on either side of this story, even though I'd like to believe my son would never bite another child.

The parents in this story -- Mohammed and Afsha Abubaker -- have every right to be upset that their child Daniyaall had part of his ear bitten off while in the care of Mucky Pups Day Nursery in Birmingham, England. It was revealed the daycare center had violations and no one seemed to know exactly what transpired to have part Daniyaall's ear missing. The part was never found. Some believe if it was bitten off by another child, that child ate it. It's the daycare's fault, as this biter is just a baby. The family shouldn't harbor this anger and direct it at the child who (they believe) did the biting (if in fact that is exactly what happened). They do deserve to know exactly what happened.

I wondered if my son could be capable of doing such damage if he bit another child's ear. It seems so unfathomable, but here we learn it has happened. When my son bit me, we were playing around and giggling and he went to hug me and then bit me. So it seemed he was biting out of playfulness. I explained to him how much he hurt me and how we should never bite anyone and I hope he understood. Hopefully this boy who was bitten recovers fine and that the family doesn't hold onto any anger for the child who may have bit him.

Parenting can be so crazy sometimes, especially when we have to worry about things like this.

Is your child a biter? Does it worry you he would bite and hurt another child like this?


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nonmember avatar blh

Ate you fuckong kidding me?? I would side the parents of the child. Part of his ear is missing. He's going to walk around looking ridicous for he rest of his life. I'd be furious and make the other partners pay for reconstructive surgery. Plus do you have any idea how much tat had to fixing hurt? Kids bite ad hit sometimes whatever I don't really care but what kind of little nurcase would or could bird ad ear OFF. you just spend so dumb. M sure if it was your child yoid raise hell.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

One of my twins was a biter for a while. His first Thanksgiving he bit my cousins 2 year old daughter on the cheek hard enough to leave a bruise and I was absolutely mortified. I had no idea what I should say so I couldn't stop repeating "OMG I'm so sorry! " for the rest of the evening.

nonmember avatar Victoria

I KIND OF understand what you are trying to say here (But you didn't do a great job of saying it). I'm a nanny and I bring my son with me to work. One day, my son (2) and the two girls that I nanny (3 & 1) were all sitting on the couch watching a movie with me. Suddenly, my son starts screaming and I look over to see the 1 year old biting his arm. I was RIGHT THERE. My son didn't do anything to provoke the 1 year old, and this 1 year old is usually the sweetest little girl I have ever met... But she's 1... 1 year olds bite. I immediately separated the two, but my son's arm was bleeding from where the little girl had bitten him even though he had been wearing a long sleeve shirt. There were teeth marks there for at least a week.

I was mad that my son had gotten hurt because obviously no parent likes to see their child get hurt, but I wasn't mad at the little girl (She was obviously punished (Time-out) for biting, but I wasn't extremely angry with her). She's 1... She doesn't know any better.

Had the bite been worse and had it needed medical attention, I certainly would have expected her parents to pay for the medical bills just because it was THEIR child who did it. But I still wouldn't have been mad at the little girl.

And like I said, I was RIGHT THERE. There was no provocation on my son's end. So I completely understand how something like this could happen.

Laura Palmer

Peterandemily I agree... this was seriously a waste of 2 minutes of my life... I want it back!

peanu... peanutsmommy1

I gotta say, this is about as bad of an article as The Stir has ever wasted space with

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

You're kidding, right? It's one thing for a kid to be a biter, but this kid BIT. OFF. ANOTHER'S. EAR. Or part of it. And you say the parents shouldn't be "so upset?" Jesus, they can be as upset as they want to be over that!


Are you fucking kidding me! Its fucking body part not a finger nail!Its time to retire because you have truly lost that last piece of your mind.

D.j. Lord

every week or so..a blooger on this site writes something thats so stupid it boggles the mind...this weeks winner..congrats,michelle

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