Toddler Walks on Ice for the First Time ... Uh-Oh! (VIDEO)

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toddler walking on ice

Need a good dose of insane cuteness today? If so, you've come to the right place. Because after you see this ridiculously precious video clip of a toddler walking on ice for the first time, you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face.

Ice. It seems so boring and blah. But when you put a pint-sized little girl dressed in a puffy pink snowsuit on top of it? Ice suddenly becomes the most wondrous and interesting thing in the span of a few seconds.

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Check it out.


Cutest. Thing. EVER! OMG. I want to eat her up. How priceless was the end of the clip, when she took a digger right onto the ice? Poor thing. But it looks like her fluffy hood protected her tiny little head, so hopefully the fall wasn't too terribly traumatic for her.

All right, enough chit chat. Time for me to go hit replay on this video again. And again. And again. (You get the idea.)

Has your little one discovered ice and/or snow yet?


Image via MsArvensis/YouTube

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ktobin2 ktobin2

Glad to something different than arguments on the stir! That was adorable!


I must stop watching this over & over & over & over & over...I feel like a stalker...but, it's soooo friggin' cute to watch.  Makes me sniggle [snicker + giggle]

linzemae linzemae

Not gonna lie... when I see ice like that I have to stomp on it!

Todd Vrancic

When our middle child had her second birthday, people were tracking snow inside to her birthday party and she would run up to it and stomp on it until it disappeared.  So cute!

Beth3721 Beth3721

I love the last second when she tips over.  Too cute.

Freela Freela

LOL!  Adorable!

Chris... Christine1958

Stomp on little one till all that there ice be gone!

Gone for good!

Thanks for the laughs. This is causing a stir for being sooooo cute.

Carmen Stone

Sadly my daughter, who will be 6 Nov 26th, has never seen/played in snow or knows what ice even is because we live in Florida. I hope to one day to change that. :)

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