Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Offer Rare Glimpse of Biological Daughter

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Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra daughter CarlyWhether you're a fan of Teen Mom or not, the show has done a lot for normalizing open adoption in America. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were clearly not ready for parenthood when daughter Carly arrived, and they were brave enough to talk about it on television every week for four seasons. But their passion for the cause didn't stop there, and now there's a photo out that does wonders to forward the notion that open adoption isn't just good for parents: it's good for the kids too!

Just take a look at Catelynn and Tyler's daughter, Carly Davis, when she got to spend some time with not only her adoptive parents, but her bio mom and dad too! The grin on her face says it all!

The photo -- and the one above of Carly's back -- have surfaced as Catelynn and Tyler push adoption in honor of National Adoption Month, but they actually date back to September when Tyler and Catelynn had their annual get-together with Carly and her parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. The Davises also invited Beth, the birth mother of their son, who has also become a friend of Catelynn's. 

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In all that makes two little kids and five adults gathered round to shower them with love. Can you think of anything greater for a kid than MORE love in their life?

Adoption is not an easy decision. We saw that time and time again on Teen Mom. Even years later, Catelynn and Tyler still field criticism for their choice, and they still feel the pain. As Catelynn tweeted this week:

But the increasing number of parents opting for open adoption gives everyone in the equation something good. The birth parents retain a connection with their little one. The little one gets to know about their biological ties and is showered with love from multiple sets of parents. And the adoptive parents have a child who is surrounded by that love.

Good for Catelynn and Tyler for being willing to share their story to change others.

Would you consider open adoption? Why or why not?


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Austi... Austinsmommy12

As a parent giving up a child or as an adoptive family? I would consider it as an adoptive family depending on who the birth parents were. If they were drug addicts who lived a dangerous and destructive life, then no. If they were a teenage couple like Caitlin and Tyler, then yes.

I would never give up a child. I mean, not now when 26, married, and secure. As a teen? Especially an unmarried one in a less than desirable home? Yes. I absolutely would in their situation.

Stephanie Blake-Lastra

i will take the babies of the drug addicts Austinsmommy12, i would in a second, and i hope to adopt one day special needs children. i wish adoption wasnt needed, but sadly its the case sometimes. i would always respect the bio parents and allow them in the childs life of course!

Mandi... Mandi2356

She looks so much like both Caitlin, and Tyler put together. so adorable! It is insane how is is the spitting image of both of them 


mande... manderspanders

I hope that we will be able to adopt when our son is a little older, as I do not wish to go through pregnancy again, but want to have a bigger family...  there are so many kids that need love and I know our family has a lot to go around.

If we do end up adopting, I'd prefer closed adoption, especially if we adopt from the foster care system. I wouldn't want to take the chance to subject the kids to the hurt in their past.

Jessy76 Jessy76

I admire this couples courage and bravery for doing what they felt was in the best interest of their child. I love that this little girl is getting the best of everything. Her entire life she will know that her birth parents loved her so much that they sacrificed being with her to give her more then they had  and more then they could give. Carlywill never have to wonder where they are or do they miss her. She will never have to search for missing pieces.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Stephanie: I didn't say I wouldn't take the child of a drug addict. I would. The question was whether you would ever consider open adoption like with Carly. My answer was no. I don't believe that a child should ever be in contact with people who live a dangerous and destructive lifestyle.

Laura Rogers

My husband had to put his daughter up for adoption when she was born. This was on open adopotion as well. So he gets updates, picsures and visists with her as well. She knows she has two daddies and she tell everyone how special she is because of it. She is 8 now. I also have an adopted daughter with my ex-husband and that was also an open adoption. It was easier and harder since her birth father was family. So I get to see both sides of the open adoption and it is a very wonderful.

Kristen Johnson

I had considered adoption with my son. (whom I did keep) I think it is a great thing if the parents find a good match for their child. I am also proud to have decided to be a surrogate for want to be deserving parents after this little one comes along in the spring time. So many kids that should be adopted are cared for by their bio parents and end up in a far worse situation than they ever should be. This is why I think states should start licensing people in order to care for a child. Same scrutiney adoptive, foster, and surrogate seeking parents have to go through.

Rachel Abraham

Catelynn is an amazing mother. She put her child's needs before her own. She wanted to keep Carly but knew what a horrible situation she would be raised in. I commend her strength. I think that her choice had nothing to do with what was best for herself and their are very few mothers that place their baby that do it for selfish reasons.

Open adoptions are great. It is important to see pictures, know how the child is doing, and maybe even see him/her every once in a while. From my personal experiences, I think an adoption being to open is a bad thing. The purpose of adoption is to give the child as normal of a life as possible. It could be confusing to always have two mommies and daddies around. But that is just an opinion. I don't know how true it is.

Koreena Sinnott

I think they made a great choice and I'm happy to see people getting a glimpse into open adoption. I did choose to do an open adoption when I was young and though it was the hardest thing I've EVER gone through, I know I made the right choice. I now (many many years later) have 2 little ones. My daughter knows my sons and we actually have some pics together. My sons also know that is their sister. I love seeing her updates on facebook and knowing that even though it was heartbreaking, that I made the right choice, so thankful that her adopting parents (especially her mom!) was so understanding and wonderful to me and most of all to her. Love your post Laura Rogers

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