Girl Pours Gasoline on Slide to Make It More Slippery for 2-Year-Old Sister

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Horrific news out of Georgia. A 2-year-old girl lies in a medically induced coma with burns to 30 percent of her body thanks to playing on a slide with her sister. It wasn't a slide that caused the burns, but what her 4-year-old sister poured on it -- gasoline. Reportedly, the little girl decided to put gasoline on the plastic slide to make it more slippery, and then static electricity sparked a fire, igniting the 2-year-old.

Apparently the girls' 26-year-old father, Christopher Calhoun, was outside with them when he stepped inside for a moment and then heard screams. Reports say he grabbed his burning daughter and ran inside to stick her in the shower and then dialed 911.

Pictures of the scene show the pink gasoline container. It's unclear where it was stored or how the little girl got it so fast and got it into her head to pour it on the slide. But kids will do all kinds of crazy things.

For a parent, you are constantly aware that your kid could do something he or she has no idea is dangerous and in a moment everything could change. It's just constant worry. Think about all those kids we read about who manage to start the family car and drive it into homes or siblings.

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You try to kid-proof and put things out of reach that they might get into -- but, honestly, which one of us would suspect that a toddler might take gasoline and pour it onto a slide? This would most likely have never crossed my mind.

Police are reportedly treating the incident as an accident and not filing any charges. I imagine the dad must feel horrible enough already. There's only so much parents can do. You do the best you can. That's all you can do.

Have you ever left something dangerous around your kids by accident?

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linzemae linzemae

She probably thought it was a watering can or something

adamat34 adamat34

Awww how sad. I doubt she intentionally. Poor things.

nonmember avatar A

Poor baby. I can't imagine a 2 year having to deal with something so horrific. I was burned in a fire w 3rd degree burns on 40% of my body when I was 13 and 11 years later am still dealing with the aftermath physically and emotionally. At least I knew what was happening but a 2 year old would have such a hard time figuring out why she has to deal with so much pain.

nonmember avatar A (cont)

Oops I always hit enter too soon...

But I hope she heals quickly and knows growing up that her scars don't make her who she is and that everything will turn out okay eventually. I wish I had figured that out a lot sooner than I did. Hope her family gets through this horrible time as well. Since she is most likely in the burn unit in Georgia that I was in she is in great hands. They are amazing doctors and staff.

MissL... MissLadyA

My heart goes out to the little girls and their family </3...


nonmember avatar brandy

I remember as a kid we poured oil from the oil pan my dad used to change the oil in our cars on our slide - because we wanted to play double-dare like the tv show. Oh my mom was horrified and we were grounded from the playset for weeks! It was awful... I can't imagine if something like this had happened, though. Praying she gets better quickly... and peace/comfort for the parents.

nonmember avatar Erin H.

Who leaves a gas can out when you've got kids around? I always put the dern gas cans away after hubby was done with them, cuz I was afraid my boys would accidentally drink the stuff! I'm well aware that kids can get hurt the moment you turn your back on them; my oldest fell off a step, with me standing right there, when he was 9 months old, I know accidents happen. But they can also be prevented. I would not let my boys play outside without me present until my oldest was 8, and if I had to go inside, they came with me (I'd tell them it was time for a potty/water break). While its heartbreakingly tragic what's happened, it could have been prevented by simply putting the gas can away! I pray for her quick recovery.

nonmember avatar jessie

Omg things.happen really dont think he thought his baby girl qould do that. I have four girls and yes sometimes u cant see everything around u things do happen. I cant stand people who think they are so perfacted things happen all we can do is hope and pray she will be ok my goodnes iam not saying to not take care of stuff u cant tell me u never have left something somewhere cause if u do ur a dang liar k guys iam done baby girl hope u feel better

Raquel Olejarczyk

How a toddler, can even open the gasoline dispenser?? i use it for mowing the land and have trouble just to open, to pour gasoline, mmm

Jennifer Szumanski

It's obvious that it was a pure accident. I can't stand people who act like it could have been avoided. Yes it could have. No, it doesn't mean the parent/s are bad parents because they made a mistake. They do happen even to the most cautious parents. Which I am one myself. Instead of hearing this story and pointing the fingers. Lets all take it as an eye opener so we can try our hardest to make sure something like this doesn't happen to our children. It's always easy to past judgment on someone until it hits home and happens to ourselves. My heart goes out to the entire family. I hope that little girl recovers quickly. I also hope that her parents do everything necessary to make sure she grows up having a normal life.


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