Jessica Alba Endangers Her Child -- Without Even Knowing It

Jessica Alba seems like a great mom. Every time I see a photo of her, she is beaming, holding Haven, her toddler, or playing with older sister Honor. She seems to have a good grasp on how to balance her work obligations and family life, AND she always looks like she's just spent five hours at a spa. Good for her! 

But Jessica, Jessica. You had no idea that when you were captured on film doing this, you may have looked as cute as a button, but you were actually endangering your toddler, did you? How could you know? It seems harmless and it's fun and -- again -- you both look so darling while doing it. But promise this is the last time ... okay?


Big deal, you may be thinking, Jessica took a ride down a playground slide with Haven. She wanted to help her toddler experience all the joys her local playground had to offer, and she was ensuring the toddler's safety by not letting her zip off down the slide alone. So she did something so many of us do -- something I did when my daughter was 13 months old -- and placed her baby on her lap while cruising down the slide. Her little girl is smiling, she's happy, what's the problem? 

According to orthopedists, babies can fracture or even break their legs going down a slide with mom or dad. Here's why: it's easy for a young child's foot to get caught on the side of the slide on the way down. If alone, he or she can twist around until the leg is free. But with the force of our weight behind him or her, it becomes easier to break a leg. It's actually way safer to let them learn how to work their way down a slide on their own. 

My little girl fractured her leg while I accompanied her on a slide and it was a horribly scary experience. I'd never heard about the dangers of slides and thought I was doing something all parents did with their kids. I didn't notice whether she had gotten her sneaker caught on the side of the slide, but by the time we'd reached the ground, she was wailing uncontrollably. She had to wear the saddest purple cast on her leg for six weeks -- right when she was beginning to learn how to walk. 

I hope someone tells Jessica to quit being so cute and loving and let her baby experience the slide all on her own.

Did you know about the dangers of going down a slide with your baby? 


Image via JessicaAlba/Instagram

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