10 Wacky Potty Training Problems

potty trainingOh the emotions that go into potty training! There is elation and set-backs -- celebration, maybe even some rewards, and frustration. For both child and mom and dad. But the greatest reward is not having to change another diaper or having to buy them. Sure, we may still be wiping butts, but as we all know a poop in the potty is neater than a poop in the pants or diaper. Over it! I cannot wait for the day I'm finally free.

Until then, we all deal with these wacky potty training problems.

  1. To diaper at night or not. There are going to be accidents, but we have to decide if putting a diaper on an in-training child is a setback or if a soaking wet bed at 3 a.m. a bigger setback.
  2. The decision to diaper when your child says he has to poop but refuses to go on the potty. Better than soiled underwear, right? Or ....
  3. How to properly plop the poop your child just made in the underwear into the potty without having a splash of water get on your face. (Raise your hand if this has happened to you. My hand is up.)
  4. Mastering the art of getting all the mushy poo off the underwear and into the potty so you can wash them properly. The things we do!
  5. Deciding what underwear are beyond saving. Hello Kitty just isn't as cute with brown stains.
  6. Being sad the adorable outfit your child is wearing is now soaked in pee and she must be changed.
  7. That moment when you question if the little bit of pee on the pants is not so bad that you can let your child continue to wear them. (The underwear is definitely a lost cause, but the pants ... questionable.)
  8. The moment when you are no where near a potty and your in-training child says "Mommy! I want to pee on the potty!"
  9. Deciding what to put in the accident bag at school. These are clothes that may or may not be seen so they have to be clothes you don't want in rotation. But if your kid does pee her pants at school and she's caught wearing those too short and too tight pants at pickup you sort of feel like the worst mom ever.
  10. Having your child wake you up at 5 a.m. to say he's ready to poop on the potty for the first time and really wanting to be happy but also really needing a little more sleep.

Can you relate? What would you add?


Image via Manish Bansal/Flickr

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