Mom Faces Backlash for Posting Picture of 2-Year-Old With Gutted Deer (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

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Mackenzie Douthit McKee family Poor Mackenzie Douthit McKee. The Teen Mom 3 star uploads one little innocent family photo to Instagram, and people start accusing her of exposing her toddler to violence! OK, so maybe the photo wasn't just of her growing family. In fact, it featured Mackenzie, her husband Josh McKee, the couple's 2-year-old son Gannon, and a dead deer.

Make that a dead deer with its guts on display. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO ahead! Turn back now if you have a weak stomach!

Mackenzie Douthit McKee family dead deer

All right now, was that so bad?

I'll be honest; I follow several of the Teen Mom stars on Instagram because, well, it's my job. I saw this photo shortly after Mackenzie posted it, and I just nodded and kept going.

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What I see in that photo is a dad who shot a nice buck who wants to show it off. What I see in that photo is a father who shot a LOT of upcoming meals for his family.

That's not exposing a child to violence. That's acknowledging to our kids that their food comes from somewhere.

As Mackenzie said on Twitter:

Perhaps it's because, like Mackenzie, I was raised in a rural area, I don't see the big deal. Photos of dead deer appear in my local newspaper around this time every year, many with children standing next to Dad (or Mom!). When I was growing up, the first day of deer season was a scheduled day off school.

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Kids in the country are accustomed to hunting as a way of life. We know that it's how many families put food on the table.

In my house we don't hunt, nor do we eat venison. In fact, I'm a vegetarian -- although my husband and daughter both eat meat. But my daughter has long known that the critters she pets when we visit a local farm may well end up on someone's dinner plate -- even her own.

Kids have to learn about it sooner or later. So why not start them young, start them at Gannon's age when they're young enough to accept this is a fact of life instead of getting scared or upset?

Be honest: what's your gut reaction (no pun intended!) upon seeing the photo? Would you let YOUR kid pose like that?


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nonmember avatar Holly

no big deal! I too grew up in a rural area, the first day of buck is a day off school with many business' closing. It is what it is and it helps with food costs, the more my husband can get, the better!

Sandra Ann

OH, NO--- I must be a horrific Mom.... I must have 100 or so of these over the course of 20 years, 3 kids and a family of hunters! But, then again, I still miss my kids having the "Opening Day of Deer Season" off from school like we did when we were kids! embarrassed




Baile... Bailey8307

I was raised in an area where hunting is very popular so you can't avoid seeing dead deer on peoples cars or walls and there are countless pics of people with their deer on my Facebook feed. Almost everyone I know who has a kid has posted a pic like this at one time or another. I don't hunt and I don't really enjoy seeing dead animals but I don't judge people who do. It's just a way of life around here. People will look for any reason to judge!

Jess Witkowski

There is nothing wrong with this photo at all. A lot of people have there kids exposed to dead deer and other dead animals. People just hate on Mackenzie because of who she is and that will never change. She is an excellent mom and just about my favorite on Teen mom 3

nonmember avatar Kelly

The only thing wrong with this pic is that the guy needs to learn how to properly gut a deer. ;) My husband is an avid hunter and you can barely tell the deer has been gutted when we take our pics with it. Including my now four year old princess. I think it teaches them the value and reality of life and death. It isn't a video game where they " come back to life". And food comes from somewhere.

nonmember avatar April

I'll admit I have a "Poor deer" reaction to it. This is why I'm not a hunter. It's their way of life, it's legal and they are eating it. those of us "Citified" people (like me) who don't hunt and whose food comes packaged nicely in the grocery store, need to remember that not everyone relies on the grocery stores for thier meet and this is how they feed their families.

tansy... tansyflower

in the past month my 3 year old has seen chickens, pigs and rabbits slaughtered and butchered.  and guess what?  he thinks it normal.  still eats the chicken.  he still eats the pork.  he loved the rabbit i cooked last night.  i think its actually more disturbing when i see children who literally dont understand that a hamburger was once a living breathing cow.  or that food magically appears in the grocery store.  or cant tell you the difference between a potato and a tomato.  something is wrong with our culture when you are not allowed to expose your children to the way real life works without a bunch of bullshit backlash from uneducated people who shovel chicken paste (um i meant chicken nuggets) into their kids face and never give it a second thought..

the4m... the4mutts

All this photo does to me, is make me go "DAMN! I cant wait to take my kids on their first hunting trip next year!"

Jespren Jespren

My first reaction was similar to Kelly's above :) but then, we butchered many an animal going up, they are good for eating.

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