Pink's 2-Year-Old Rides Motorcycle With Daddy & It's None of Your Business

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pink carey hart willow motorbikePink is facing some heat from fans after her husband Carey Hart posted photos of their 2-year-old daughter Willow going for a ride on his motorbike. Yes, a child on a motorbike on a dirt track. Of course they weren't speeding around and doing jumps. To me it seems to hold the same risk as taking your child on a ride on a bicycle. Hart is a retired motorcross racer. He has skill. Riding a motorbike for him is as easy as riding a bicycle for the rest of us. Besides, they were going super slow.

Plus, viewing from the sidelines here in Internet gossip-land, I'd say Pink and Carey are great parents. They aren't reckless, and while I wouldn't ride with my 4-year-old on a motorbike, that's because I've never ridden on one. A four-wheeler? On a private track? Super slow? Let's go kids!

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"Been waiting for this day for a very long time," Hart posted on Instagram. "Willz went for her 1st ride on my motorcycle around the pits today. She was pumped the whole time. When we stopped, she gave me a big hug and said it was fun, thank you Papa. That's my girl."

Fans freaked out.

@Pink wait until she's 16 and let her decide for herself. Bikes are no joke! wrote Ashley Sweeney. 

Yeah ok. I've never met you but that's great. Pink fired back.

@MFemur: @Pink Honestly.. I wouldn't like the idea of a child so young being on a bike.

To which Pink responded, Then I don't recommend it for your child.

Pink also tweeted:

If any of u have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride. I can't promise I will care, but I will listen none the less.

I don't blame her for defending herself. Letting Willow ride on her dad's bike isn't illegal and he is very skilled. One fan, Dana M., tweeted, Funny how everyone is an expert on your life & parenting but spend very little time reflecting on their own lives & parenting skills. And that's exactly it. Everyone seems to be an expert on everything pertaining to others. Far too often, too many of us make judgments or impart our wisdom when we really don't know the full story or situation. There is such a thing as tact, as well as couth. If we all used it a bit more, there would be much better vibes floating around in the air. Perhaps we could all be kinder and more understanding as well? I can dream!

As with anything when it comes to our kids, we have to do things as safely as we possibly can. Our children can drown in a bathtub, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to give them a bath -- we will just do it carefully. Our children can choke when they eat food -- that doesn't mean we aren't going to feed them. There are 2-year-old snowboarders and a 2-year-old swimmer who is on her way to winning as many medals as Michael Phelps. Sometimes we can be too overprotective, worry too much, that we forget that part of being a kid is exploring and learning and pushing the limits. After all, none of us would have ever learned to walk if we didn't take that first step, pushed ourselves to do what seemed impossible.

Pink signed off with this tweet: M'kay I'm gonna go now. Gotta figure out what wills is wearing tomorrow for her MANIACAL MOTO MANIA!!!!!! Gotta pack veggies too! Organic!

Have to love her sense of humor.

Do you think Pink and Carey Hart were in the wrong for letting Willow ride on the motorbike? Would you let your child ride on one?

Image via hartluck/Instagram

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Lilit... Lilith.23

For fuck sakes, he was going super slow!!!!! Gawwd, people should really stop this shit of " im a better parent then you". We all have different parenting skills. You wanna know how i learned to swim? My dad use to throw me in the deep end and watch me struggle. THAT is some fucked up shit, i rather be on the dammn slow mottobike then be thrown in a deep end -.-" love pink!

Lucky... Luckysgirl665

Wow, he being safe its not as if he was on an actual motorcycle on the road. It was a dirt bike on a private track and he was going slow. I say everyone of her so called fans need to chill out already. I am not really a Pink fan but good for her for sticking up for her and her husbands decision. 

Elaine Cox

none of our bizness so lets post it and talk about it..

Bernadette Dotson

You have a beautiful family.  My daughter got her firstdirt bike at 4, she wanted to be just like Dad!  I trust that Carey and Pink are great parents and I love that they include her in everything.  Stay out of peoples lifes you Haters!  

nonmember avatar swan aymar

family affairs!!!

linzemae linzemae

Its their family. Doesnt he do bmx racing? Of course she will be raised around bikes

Michael Weldon

This was a lot safer than a child in a car with a parent on a cellphone, and you can't go 10 minutes on any road without seeing that.

nonmember avatar Kiki

Please, her dad is a professional! People put their kids on the street to ride regular bikes every day...he is on a dirt track away from everyone, going slow! Give me a break!

nonmember avatar B. Hinkel

their kid their rules...I rode quads and dirt bikes with both my grandsons at this age and earlier...kudos to Pink and Carey Hart for including their little girl...people should mind their own business and not bitch about things that do not concern them...get a life people...

Courtney Wild

I have a photo like this with my own dad (who also raced dirtbikes) and I couldn't have been more than 2 as well.  She survived, I survived.  And my dad was going much faster lol


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