7 Worst Parenting Moments on 'Teen Mom'

Teen Mom Amber PortwoodI have a theory about the people who hate watch Teen Mom. You know what hate watching is, right? When you watch something you profess to hate ... because you can't just look away? Anyway, back to my theory: people love to hate on Teen Mom, and they love to watch because what they see makes them feel good about themselves. Every time one of the show's stars has a bad mommy moment, the rest of the world sighs and thinks (to themselves, of course), "Well, at least I didn't do THAT!"

It makes me feel not the tiniest amount of sympathy for some of the show's stars. Most of us screw up as parents, but we're able to do it in the privacy of our own homes, without TV cameras (and tabloids) recording it all.

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And yet, these girls did sign up for this, didn't they? They reap the financial rewards. They might not have signed up specifically to have their parenting criticized, but more than one of the stars has said she hopes that teenagers see how HARD it is to be a teen mom when watching the show ... and decides not to go that route.

So I think it's fair to say that even these girls know that they don't always do things right. Not to mention the dads on these shows screw up a fair amount of the time too!

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here's a look at some of the worst parenting moments on Teen Mom.

Have you ever done #6? Do you know anyone who could top these?


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caleb... calebsmama12312

teen mom 3 has shown a lot of pretty bad moments too. Mackenzies little one has been in a forward facing carseat since he was an infant. And alex left her little one on a chair by herself & she fell off onto a hardwood floor. Katie had her kid eating a lollipop in the backseat of the car by herself. It makes me nervous to watch sometimes. I think I've seen every single one of them leave their babies sleeping on a bed or couch & just walk away & their all big enough to roll off.

dirty... dirtymoon

I'm sorry,buuuuut, I'm not sure Maci spanking Bentley should be on this list as a "hiccup" And let's not forget when Farrah left her daughter on the bed while she was on the phone and she rolled off the bed. HELLOOOO! THOSE are bad parenting moments.

AliPa... AliParker

Maci spanked her son. And rightfully so. It was not "a hiccup". If you don't agree with spanking that is fine in your household but keep your mouth shut when it comes to other people.

Erinly Erinly

I totally agree with dirtymoon and AliParker about Maci spanking her son. I think a worse parenting moment would be allowing Bentley to do whatever he wants to do without being disciplined. 

nonmember avatar sigh

You need to look up the word moment.

nonmember avatar Nene

Honestly I couldn't stand Gary when watching teen mom. He used the fact that he was older and had a full time job at the moment to rub in ambers face all the time. He was constantly threatening to take away HER child for dumb stuff. Instead of eloping her he just made things worse. I felt bad for amber and what she wen through with his dumb ass. As for farrah I have no words she just selfish and has an attitude like her mom. Maci is a great mom so what if she moved two hours away, Ryan didn't want a damn thing to do with them, if it wasn't for his parents, he would be an absent father. Would someone please help jenelle seriously.

nonmember avatar Anna

Spanking being considered a bad parenting moment is what is wrong with America, just saying!!

casan... casanderson1

I totally agree with calebsmama12312

teen mom 3 is scary to watch...im suprised some of those babies are alive.

Alex also had her daughter forward facing until everyone screamed at her on her facebook and she claimed she didnt know and now has her rear facing again. She is still horrible because she leaves that girl on counters all the time! She is probably brain damaged from falling off of stuff.

Jillian Scarf

Maci spanking was not a hiccup. Spanking is not a bad thing. If your house hold chooses not to spank and it works for you, good for you. But dont judge others that do spank, its not a beating its a spanking.

nonmember avatar cara

Yes these girls have made mistakes. some are extremely selfish. But the name of the show is TEEN MOM. They were children having babies. I am grateful there were no camera crews in my face with my first child. I made mistakes. Not hospital worthy mistakes but mistakes none the less. Parenting is trial and error. We learn from our mistakes. As for MacI, she is an amazing mother. She should NOT be on this list! She is the most mature of all the mothers. She is 100% about her son. I agree with the others, just because someone chooses not to spank does not mean everyone who does is a horrible parent. Too many parents are rasIng self Indulgent children these days.

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