Mom Shames Pumpkin Thief & the World Cheers Her On (VIDEO)

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mom note 2-year-old pumpkin

OMG. Wait until you read this hilarious note written by a mom to the person who stole her 2-year-old's pumpkin off of her front porch.

I mean, I think all moms will agree that it's pretty hard to keep our tempers in check when someone messes with our kids, particularly when we have innocent, wee little ones who wouldn't hurt a fly -- let alone swipe someone's Halloween decoration from the front of their house!

Ok, so I know after seeing that photo you're dying to know what she added in at the end. Here's what this fierce mama bear had to say to the evil goblin who spoiled her kid's Halloween fun:

To the person who stole my son's pumpkin:

Thank you for the life lesson. This will help teach him that sometimes people are mean for no reason and you have to just brush it off. Because my son is 2 years old and cannot read this sign, I will add:

You are an asshole.

Bravo mama ... BRAVO! Don't you love it? Man. She's such a bad ass -- but she was so polite about the way she delivered her message at the same time. (Even the asshole bit doesn't sound derogatory.)

To hear more of what motivated her to come up with such a creative sign, check out this video clip.

Man. I really hope whoever snatched the pumpkin catches a glimpse of that note -- because it's bound to make him or her feel at least a little bit guilty, right?

Nah, you're probably right. Anyone who is heartless enough to steal from a little kid isn't capable of feeling remorse. But you know what they say -- karma's a bitch. Whoever the guilty party is better watch out for flying eggs on Halloween.

What would you say if someone took something from your child?


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nonmember avatar Theresa

I think this was an incredibly silly thing to do. Especially considering that it was probably an animal that took the pumpkin.

nonmember avatar Adrien

I had to leave my house for ten minutes last Halloween to drop someone off. I left a bowl of candy on the porch since I would be right back. I come back, my pumpkin was bashed in, ALL the candy stolen, my bowl was broken, and they kicked over all my decorative plant stands. (I have never seen an animal take an entire pumpkin here in Florida.)

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Woopty-doo, I doubt her child will even remember the pumpkin. 

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

In this day and age, I would recommend leaving NOTHING outside on the front porch. 

Becca Burrer

EddiesMama, you are so STUPID, I remember events from when I was 2, check yourself unless you like making a total ass of yourself!!!


Kara Lynn Rumsey

This is ridiculous....a pumpkin really?? I have never had anybody take my child's pumpkin, but I did have somebody steal my daughters dvd player from my car while we were at a child's museum. How ridicious are people?? I hope they enjoy the yo gabba gabba dvd...this lady said it right....A-HOLES!!!

Kimberly Graham

To Adrien,now YOU have much more right to be mad.. That's awful what they did to you. Property destruction... The would is mean place now days.. 

Alzenia Ford

i couldn't have said it better

Christine Gowen-Schmudlach

Whoopty-doo?? Really?? It doesn't matter if the child remembers or not. What matters is someone took something that didn't belong to them! It is just plain wrong!!!

Brandi Nelson

@ Becca Burrer that's great that you remember events that happened when you were two however most people do not remember things that happened in life under the age of three. I have study some early childhood development and this was something we touched base on in brain development. So consider yourself lucky because I am one of those people who do not remember life before 3yrs old. I also must add what you said was pretty rude and you could have made your point without throwing out insults. I am sorry that the kids pumpkin was stolen, I am just wondering why steal the two year old's and none of the other ones. I have seen animals take things like that before. I am thinking since only one pumpkin was taken maybe it was an animal. I know for sure that it will not be a traumatic experience for her kid. He probably doesn't remember much of it and will not unless someone brings it up.

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