'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans May Be the Worst Mom on TV -- Period

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Jenelle EvansThe moms of Teen Mom 3 have been a breath of fresh air. They're all devoted to their kids. They're all trying their best. Which has me wondering: why is it so shocking to see good teen moms? We know they're out there. Could it be because a certain cast member of the Teen Mom franchise has done such an epic job of making a bad name for teen parents?

Do I even have to say her name, folks? Yes, it's Jenelle Evans.

No matter how many selfies she throws up with little Jace, let's face it: if you can't actually parent your own kid, you're not much of a mom.

Now, let me back up a second. This is not a slam on folks who choose adoption. As we saw from Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's story, there's a lot to be said for the selflessness and sacrifice that goes into placing your child with a family fit to care for him or her.

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Only, that's not the route Jenelle Evans has taken. She decided to keep little Jace, and keep her fun, fun, fun lifestyle too. As a result, her mother, Barbara Evans, has had to take custody of the little guy, but the way Jenelle tells it, she's still Mom. Jace even calls her Mommy.

But let's just take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Take a look at some of Jenelle's top "mom" moments?

1. Barbara needs to get to work and needs Jenelle to "babysit" her own son. What does Jenelle do? She gets in a fight with her mom and storms out of the house to go hang out with her friends ... leaving the little boy with no caregiver.

2. Jenelle talks about Jace like he's a piece of furniture. When she's facing a possible 45 days in jail because she can't stay off drugs, Jenelle refers to "putting" the little boy "off" because she can't deal with him right now.

3. Jenelle has the choice of living with her mom and son so she can see them every day. What does Jenelle do? Moves out of the house so she can only see him on weekends ... and even then:

4. Jenelle bails on Jace to get a boob job.

5. Jenelle bails on Jace to smoke heroin.

6. Jenelle bails on Jace because she is "too busy" hanging out with boyfriend Kieffer.

7. Jenelle introduces every guy she meets to Jace within 5 seconds of meeting him, only to have that guy disappear from his life when the going gets tough (or, you know, when he gets arrested).

8. Jenelle didn't know who the actual father of her child was until Jace was 3 years old.

9. Jenelle screams and curses at her mom in front of Jace regularly (sidebar: Barbara is just as guilty on this one).

10. Jenelle can't manage to stay out of jail for Jace. She's been arrested at least nine times.

I'll admit that's just a small taste, a mere morsel, of her transgressions that we've seen on the the show over its four seasons so far. It's more than a little depressing that we could probably come up with more evidence that while Jenelle Evans may star on a show called Teen Mom 2, she's hardly proven herself to be a "mom."

Come to think of it, she's not just the worst mom on Teen Mom. She may be the worst mom on TV at the moment.

And yet, folks, I'm going to be honest: Jenelle Evans presence on MTV has served its purpose for America. She has shown the world exactly that not everyone is fit for motherhood, especially not every teen.

She's the cautionary tale.

What do you think has been Jenelle's most shocking mom moment?


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nonmember avatar blue

She put her life and parenting out there, I get that. You open yourself to the world publicly, you open yourself to scrutiny. BUT, you seriously just wrote an entire post about every reason someone is a bad mother. I hope the tables are turned, and someone writes a list about you. I'll start, 1. Has no common decency.

nonmember avatar Maria

Although i dont like JE because of the way she is portrayed in TV, and they way she carries herself on her social media accounts; Blue has a point.
If JE hadnt put herself on the spot, no one would care about what she did, and they internet would not judge her so harshly.
And blue does have a point, no one would want an article written about their shortcomings. Everyone loves to point out everyone elses' faults but NO ONE likes being talked about.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

Blue I shall add #2: Very Judgemental

linzemae linzemae

What was the point of this article? To be mean? At least barbara stepped in and is taking care of him. At least jenelle gave up her rights because she knows she is unfit.

Sara52 Sara52

So the person that wrote this is a bad person for calling it like it is? That makes sense.

nonmember avatar blue

Sara52- There is "calling it like it is," and writing something just to be a spiteful jerk. Do people really not understand tact, anymore? It REALLY IS possible to "call it like it is" without being so ugly.

nonmember avatar Tay

To the people who criticized this author... Jenelle made an informed decision to do an mtv show and put her pathetic parenting on television. She makes a decision every day to go on social media and broadcast her numerous bad decisions. If you put yourself in the public eye, you deserve to be judged, and you are asking to be judged. Given the number of truly heinous things jenelle has done to Jace, directly and indirectly, I believe this article is generous in its portrayal of her. Well done, Jeanne.

nonmember avatar Karma

Author of this article, I award you with the highest of virtual high fives the internet has to offer.

nonmember avatar Hope Addis

Now the mugshot count is up to 12 or 13! Nothing has changed in her life, except maybe she doesn't use heroin any longer. She still admits to smoking weed, and she drinks alcohol ( which some great moms do) but she claims ahe is now "sober".

If she truely wanted xustody

lalab... lalaboosh

3. Lazy

So many blogs about why it's too much trouble to do this or that.

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