Stocking Stuffers, Toddler: Yummy Pencils and Cool Crayons

Still searching for ideas on what to stick in  your toddler's Christmas stocking or holiday grab bag? All this week in Toddler Buzz I'll give you 10 gifts under $10. Be sure to check the other Daily Buzz blogs for great ideas for everyone else.


Why I Love It: Made with recycled newspapers, the pencils soaked in gourmet scents will inspire your older toddler to practice writing his name.

Get It:; 5 for $6 (scents are randomly selected)


Swirly Crayons

Why I Love It: Fat and grippable for hands that are just learning how to color.

Get It:; $3 (Still available to order as of today, even though the web page says only 1 in stock.)

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