Sandra Bullock Wears Spooky Halloween Costume With Her Son (PHOTO)

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sandra bullock skeleton costumeSandra Bullock stepped out this weekend with her little boy Louis, her hand firmly in his. But this outing was so much more fun than just a normal sighting — because they were both decked out in awesome costumes for a Halloween party they were attending. Louis, 3, wore an adorable black long-sleeve costume with skeleton bones, while mama wore a white spooky dress. I love that Sandy got into her costume enough to get in full make-up — now that is dedication. And Louis has a mask in hand, which he will no doubt put on once they get to the party!

The costumes really look so coordinated and fun deathly (in a good way.)

It's clear that Bullock, who must still be riding high from all of the amazing reviews she's gotten from Gravity, really takes her role as mommy very seriously. I mean ... not everyone is willing to play dress-up. Even on Halloween.

Have you dressed up for Halloween with your little one? What have you gone as?


Image via SplashNews

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