Twin Toddlers' Taekwondo Fight Is Super Cute & Kinda Disturbing (VIDEO)

toddler taekwondoWhen I first saw this video of two toddler twin girls in a taekwondo fight, I admit: I smiled. And I cooed. And I laughed. And then I watched it over again. (Those teeny helmets!) But after the second -- okay, fine, third -- time watching the "fight," I realized: Hey, wait a minute. Aren't these little cuties a tad young to be taught to kick and hit? In fact, isn't that the antithesis of what we want to instill in our young children?!

Check out this video of toddlers at a taekwondo show, and you be the judge:

Okay, first off, let's be honest here: These girls are positively adorable, and their padding makes them about 10,000 times cuter. But do you think this is appropriate? Something about putting toddlers in a ring and asking them to hit one another seems wrong. I think taekwondo is a great activity for kids to partake in when they're a bit older, as it gets them moving and instills a sense of discipline and respect. But when they're this young (these girls barely look 2 years old), how will they know the difference between "taekwondo time" and "non-taekwondo time." AKA, how could one fault them for hitting on the playground if it's something they're being taught at such a young age? Also, according to a commenter on the video, the adults in the background are saying "hit her," "give her a kick," "punch her." And that just seems wrong to say to a toddler.

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I'm sure there was plenty of supervision at this "match," and the adults present were making sure neither girl got hurt, but still. Not sure I'd be comfortable with my toddler taking this up at this point in her life. When she's old enough to understand what's going on, sure, why not? But not now.

That said, the swaying these girls do during the fight slays me. Jesus, these kids are cute.

Would you let your toddler fight in a taekwondo match?


Image via weiyeu2/YouTube

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Christine Wilson

My younger brother started karate at 4 years old and he never used it against any of us.. when you o martial arts classes it teaches you more then to just fight.. it teaches you self control and when it is appropriate to use and so on.

Robin Hartman

My son started karate when he was still 3. They do sparring and grapling. It's part of the sport, they know they can't just atack kids at the playground.

Laura Palmer

Those little girls look like they were having fun, don't ruin it. 

nonmember avatar Lena

Do you think toddlers really have no idea what hitting or kicking is unless someone teaches them? That's pretty dumb. By letting these girls take taekwando, they are also learning taekwando principles of self-defense... and not attack. Stop stirring up drama.

nonmember avatar Rachel Y

I am sorry to sound mean, but parents that question every little thing like this are what make our kids so mushy and whiny. Give me a break already. My boys have been taking TKD since they were about 5 yrs. old each and never was I ever worried about them using it in any other format than that which it was intended. America...we need to get our friggin' backbone back.

Mamma... MammaSan13

Please give this overparenting thing a rest already.  My boys have been taking TKD since they were kneehigh to nothing and have never once used outside of its intended format.  I wish so very much that we could just let our children be children(with a little safely padded kicking and punching thrown in) and not the whitewhashed glued-to-the-screen beings that I seem to see more and more often.  I would much rather see these little girls doing this than grabbing their parents cell phones to play yet another game of who-knows-what.

nonmember avatar GUEST

I teach TKD to kids everyday except Sunday. One of the first things I do is explain to all my kids that TKD is for self-defense only and never use it for harming others. If this country continues down the path of this writer we are done. I teach foreign kids that have come to the USA and they are night and day different than homeland Americans. The foreign kids are smarter, stronger, fitter, and don't whine when they sweat. I actually had an american kid freak out when he started to sweat and thought something was wrong with him because he was wet all over. LOL!

Crims... CrimsonRadiance

All three of my boys (as well as myself) are in taekwondo.. and the youngest started when he was 4. We have some kids in our school that are as young as 3. It teaches you, not about fighting, but about control. In a good school, you are taught, not to fight but to get out of the situation first. If that doesn't work, then defend yourself. We are taught respect for others, but also for yourself. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit and mostly self control. We are not taught to just "Hit each other"

Zombi... ZombieChicken

My boys are in Taekwondo and they spar, not fight.  I actually make sure they go to the additional sparring class, it teaches self control and how to defend themselves.  Four years old is old enough to understand the context of sparring.  Please seek out a reputable dojo and see for yourself.

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