Farrah Abraham Makes a Decision About Her Daughter No One Expected

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham is turning over a new leaf. Well, for now she is. The Teen Mom/porn star recently tweeted: "Being with family is way better than being out, can't wait to be with my mini me :) #allthatmatters #nothing like home." And while I don't want to bash the lady for doing something good for once, I would like to politely make the suggestion that, if she's really serious about heeding her own message (and wants to make a positive impact on her daughter), she needs to have this mentality all the time, not just on a whim.


Toddlers want consistency. And while it may not be possible for Farrah, like many working moms, to be physically present all the time with her daughter, little Sophia will definitely be able to sense it if her mom wants to be somewhere else when she's with her. They may be little, but toddlers know what's up.

Perhaps "home" is where Farrah loves the most, but let's be honest here, it sure as hell doesn't seem that way. Every day, there are photos of Farrah out partying or promoting some random "As seen on TV" product. And in all of the pics we see of her, her kid is rarely with her.

I hope Farrah was being honest when she tweeted that. Because let's get real, guys, Sophia is going to see a lot of unsavory things on the Internet about her mother when she grows up. It'll be nice if, for every 10, there's one nice thing.

Do you think Farrah likes being home more than being out?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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