What if Mommy Really Quit?

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toilet paper kidWe've all had moments where we wished we could quit being a mom. It's not that we don't want our kids -- we do! We love them truly and forever and ever. But my gosh there are weeks where we need a break -- a big break. A break where all our mommy duties are taken care of by someone else so we can recharge for and hour or seven so we can come back to our mom-world and be a better mom.

But things happen when mom quits. Crazy things. Things you have to see to believe.


Image via Andre Chin/Flickr

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Todd Vrancic

The only thing I could think about the picture with the knife was "Dear gods, somebody needs to take that away from that baby at once!"

erlar... erlark2012

I realize this was supposed to be humorous but I found it really lame. If "mommy(me) quit" in my house there would be endless yelling, swearing & frustration. & that would just be from my husband.

momof... momof3woods

I thought the same thing, Todd Vrancic, anything could've happened in the time it took to snap that pic...otherwise, kinda cute.

nonmember avatar Katie

These were funny! Good thing is, moms seldom quit. Most of us keep on trucking no matter what the obstacle or mess:)
@Todd I am hoping the knife is fake.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I think if I quit being Mommy my house would eventually become self aware and implode... :-p

mrsary mrsary

Lol. Love it!

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Please, most of those things happen with encouragement from mommy in my house. (except the knife thing).

phant... phantomphan

If I quit, it would be lord of the flies in about 10 seconds.

Kandis Harmon

Lol exactly Phantomphan and EvalynCarnate! It would be the appocalypse in my house. 2 boys, my husband and my father in law would all at once go " Nope!"

the4m... the4mutts

Lmao, lord of the flies

That's good stuff

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