3-Year-Old on the Potty Over-Shares His Daily Food Intake ... & Outcome (VIDEO)

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potty talkIt's gross but true: Parents spend a lot of time talking about poo. Thinking about poo. Dealing with poo. The only people who obsess over poo more are just-potty-trained kids. Maybe. It's close. Anyway, if you enjoy a good bathroom joke, you will love this video of a 3 1/2-year-old talking to himself while on the potty. His mom helpfully provided subtitles so you can understand what he's saying through his toddler accent. You really need to hear/read this tear-inducing soliloquy on poo.

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The gist of it is that the boy cannot believe how much poo he is producing, and he deeply regrets eating all the food that went into the making of that poo. But he puts it so much better than that. Just watch.

My favorite part is where he lists all the foods he ate:

  • Apple
  • Poutine
  • Cheese string
  • Pickle chips
  • Peanut butter and raisins
  • Everything!
  • Chocolate things ...
  • Chocolate thingies
  • More chocolate thingies
  • Gummies

That is a lot of food! I bet he'll eat all those foods again. If I know anything about 3-year-olds, it's that most love string cheese and chocolate thingies. And gummies.

Have you ever overhead your kids talking to themselves?


Image via DefinitiveBabySign/YouTube

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nonmember avatar ann

thats awesome.
I get so embarrassed, but also find it hilarious when my daughter is overly descriptive of her pottying while in public restrooms.

nonmember avatar Guest

LOL! My son does this too! He will say "HEY MOM YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!". Um no that's okay! So funny.

2baby... 2babymomma

That was so funny

Lotus... Lotus1069

While I love his cute little voice and what a good talker he is, I feel bad for him. That is a lot of heavy, unhealthy food to digest.

Wendy Cray Kaufman

For some reason the mention of poutine in there just makes me laugh to no end!

Maeclark Maeclark

So funny I wished she had showed his little face after he finished that was so cute.

Haley Maya Unger

looks like it was pulled. Video is missing.


Angel Schreiber

omg!  so cute and funny!  I love it!


Laura Palmer

Of course someone had to say something about a 3 year old eating junk food, good grief shut your face it was the cutest thing I have seen today!


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