7 Kids' Halloween Costume Fails

pumpkin headOh parents. We start off with the best intentions. We make our kids the perfect Halloween costume -- or, more likely, we buy it. And then things go horribly, terribly, frightfully wrong. What do we do? Take a photo and post it on the Internet, of course. For posterity! Here are a few kids' Halloween costume fails you really can't get through Halloween without seeing. And the best part? You can laugh because it's not your kid.


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From the parents who really did try to do something creative, to the parents that...did not try. These costumes prove that while the internet will tell you that DIY is easy, sometimes the best intentions just don't work in real life.

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Or perhaps it was a manufacturer making a costume that is a "what were they thinking?" type of situation. Either way, these costumes fails are too funny to not take a peak. 

So grab a snack and take a look at these magnificient costume idea. They make just spark the next Halloween costume on your list...or not.

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