1 Easy Way to Get Your Toddler to Switch From Bottle to Sippy Cup

toddler with sippy cupThough there were plenty of things I thought would be really tough when it came to parenting a toddler, I figured getting him to take a sippy cup instead of a bottle would be a piece of cake.

My philosophy was something like, hey -- what's not to love? It's easier to hold, contains his favorite beverage, and makes him look more like a big kid instead of a baby, which should make the transition a real cinch.

Boy, was I wrong. The first time I tried to hand my little dude a sippy cup, he a) looked at me like I had two heads, and b) sort of stuck it in his mouth for a second and realized it wasn't his bottle and threw it on the ground in protest.


And because I was already exhausted and didn't feel like battling with a toddler over a cup -- I gave up altogether and went back to the bottle.

But even though he was satisfied, I wasn't. I bitched and moaned about how my kid wouldn't take a sippy cup and figured I'd wind up with a preschooler who still sipped his milk from a ba-ba.

And then one day, a friend of mine was over who had already been through the whole toddler who won't take a cup thing. She kind of laughed and looked at me in disbelief that I hadn't figured out the "trick" to getting him to make the move yet. 

(Duh. I was a new mom. What the heck did I know?)

She told me the problem wasn't that he didn't want to let go of the bottle -- it was just that I hadn't given him a cup that he actually liked. She instructed me to go out and buy five or six different kinds and then to come home and try them all out until we found one he was comfortable with.

And guess what? It worked like a charm. I think it was the second or third sippy cup I tried. He took one sip, and then another, and then he ran off with the cup and went about playing with his toys and never looked back.

Geez. Who would've thought toddlers actually had preferences for certain things like sippy cups?!? (I guess I should've know better, considering I prefer my wine out of a short glass versus a tall-stemmed one.)

So there you have it. If you wonder why in the heck your tot won't take the bait -- go out and get a new cup. You'll find his perfect match eventually, I promise.

Has your child had issues with this?


Image via Mary Fischer

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