10 Stages of a Toddler Meltdown (PHOTOS)


tantrumUsually, you have a general idea of when it's going to happen. You're just not exactly sure what will set it off. You begin handling things with the agility of someone trying to diffuse a bomb. Here, you want this? Ooh, look at that pretty toy!

I'm talking about temper tantrums, moms. More specifically, temper tantrums that happen in public.

Nobody likes it when their normally sweet child suddenly decides to go bat-crap crazy in public -- flailing their arms about; trying to get out of the shopping cart; throwing their head back in confusing agony. But it happens to the best of 'em. And here's exactly why.

Here are the 10 stages of a toddler meltdown.

At first your toddler is like: Hmm ... this outing is moving along a little too smoothly for my taste. I'm kinda feelin' like it needs spicing up.


And then he's like: You know what? I'll wait. I'm enjoying building up the suspense too much.


Then, right when you think the coast is clear and you have a cart full of items you need, it's go time:


It starts off slow:


Then it crescendos:


 Then, finally, it peaks:


Then, just when you think you've reached your wits' end, your toddler chills out a bit and is like:

chill out

But then they see that you're relaxed, so they're like:




And then you leave the store, or wherever you are, and your kid is like, "Victory, Mom. Victory."


What do you do when your kid has a temper tantrum in public?


Image via citril/Flickr



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Green... Greenmomma1018

Just let em melt! They cannot always get what they want, and I tell my daughter that if she does not stop her temper tantrums she will lose a "privilege" (i.e. going outside after dinner, her story before bedtime, or no TV for a week) That usually causes he to cool her jets. (She is only 3 after all)

femal... femaleMIKE

He is only 10 weeks old right now. I plan to just ignore it. There isn't much we can do. I am sure I will learn what sets him off and we can try to avoid the culprit.

Pleth... Plethorarosie

When we were in public, I picked them up and we left.  I then would tell them it was unacceptable behavior, and usually, it was because they just needed a nap.  It didn't happen often, and in fact, by the time they were 3 it stopped because they had learned it didn't work with me. 

Michelle Rebecca Langston-Miller

I ignore him and "throw" him over my shoulder , usually that makes him even more mad, but then calms down after he is tired lol...He is almost 3 and it only happened once really bad, othe than that if I stay calm, he usually does too.

ACDC_fan ACDC_fan

she gets one warning. after that, my husband silently takes her out to the car, straps her in and blasts music to drown her out if she keeps screaming.

nonmember avatar me

I cant remember a single time my kids totally melted down, but I do know I have never left a store etc because of their behavior. Theres no way I will leave a cart full of stuff, go home and have to come back. They are not perfect but id also pick the times to go out according to their nap schedules, kept snacks with me etc so there was never sleep or hunger induced meltdowns. I see so many babies wailing in the store in the afternoon and just wonder if they are just tired. I babysat my fiends one y old last night and once 8.30 hit she lost it. I was just looking at her so thankful that my youngest is 6 now, no more baby drama. She brings plenty 6 y old drama but at leadt you can talk to her and reason lol

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