Persistent Dog Wins Over Shy Boy With Down Syndrome & We Can't Stop Watching (VIDEO)

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Sometimes there is just nothing like a dog. They seem to have a special ability to tune into exactly what a human wants and needs. I guess that's why we masters of the planet willingly bend over and pick up their poop, let them chew everything in our shoe closet, and don't mind when they swallow our soap, glasses, or other household objects. Well, maybe we mind a bit but it's worth it. Because ... DOGS GET IT. And this video proves it beyond a doubt. It was uploaded a year ago, but is getting major attention now. In it, a little boy with Down syndrome sits on the ground. A Labrador Retriever inches over and tries to get his attention. The boy, who apparently shuns being touched, isn't too thrilled. You can see how the dog keeps trying, and the boy keeps moving away. And then ...

Well, just watch it (get out your hankies) and then we'll regroup.

Wow!!! Sniff. Are you bawling?

Notice how the dog kept pawing and pawing, even though the boy kept rejecting him -- and then how finally, all of a sudden, the little boy reaches over and hugs him?

The dog didn't let it get to him that he was being rejected. He seemed to know that the little boy wanted to be touched but was perhaps not ready or was wary. And the dog would give him space just when he needed it. He was persistent but not overly so.

I guess this is why dogs make perfect therapy pets. Crazily, some readers are commenting that the kid really didn't want the dog anywhere near him and that should have been respected, but I disagree. The dog knew exactly what she was doing.

The origin of the video is unclear. It appears on many channels on YouTube, with the most watched version claiming that this is a dog named Himalaya and a boy named Hernan, with the video taken by the boy's mother, who supposedly claimed that the little boy "flees" from human contact. But an earlier upload merely says this is Rufus and James playing. (Presumably the dog is Rufus, but who knows!) Maybe all of the press the video is suddenly getting will clear up exactly who this precious duo are. (The giggles in the background sound like a man not a woman!)

But either way, the video is a great testament to the bond between human and animal. And that's what really matters.

What did you think of the video?

Image via max well/Flickr


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RoRo Morris

My doggy Riley knows when I am having a rotten day, when I am not feeling well, or when I am in need of a hug. I think that the writer is correct; the doggie knew what the baby needed at just the right time.

Jacee... Jacee2348

Um, there was nothing in this video that made me want to bawl.  Your version of the boy hugging the dog looked to me like he was trying to grab the dog to lift it up & get it away from him.  Clearly this child DOES NOT LIKE THE DOG!  This isn't cute; the only cute thing about this video is the gentle dog. 

Jenni... Jennishness

I agree with Jacee. The boy didn't seem to be enjoying the dogs company, he was leaning in to push it away.

Punch... Punchyobuns

That boy clearly doesn't want that dog anywhere near him. Sweet dog but someone should have helped that kid, he kept trying to pull the dog off him.

nonmember avatar cafeguest

He didn't hug the dog, he was pushing the poor dog away. Nothing to cry about. Sweet dog though.

nonmember avatar CoryA

Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that the author called the dog a golden retriever when clearly it is a yellow lab? Must be the groomer in me. . . :)

Happy... Happymom0301

That little boy wanted absolutely nothing to do with the dog!! There were a lot of time lapses in the video too...makes me wonder what kind of parent/caregiver just watched that long while the little boy was so uncomfortable!

wishf... wishfulgal

Cory, I was annoyed too. Clearly a Yellow. The dog was adorable but I agree, at no point did it look like the boy and been "won over". Even after the "hug", he keeps moving the dog off of him.

Also, the chuckles sounded more woman-like from my POV.

Judith K Littles

I didn't think the little boy wanted to hug the dog or even be near him.

The dog was sweet and patient, however, this little boy just did not want to be bothered.

nonmember avatar Holly

The posters here saying the boy's caregiver should have "stepped in" are ridiculous. The boy isn't being harmed by that dog! The dog may help the boy over time to accept affection and physical contact. And yeah, that is a yellow lab and it's a girl. Labs are the sweetest dogs of all.

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