Mom Could Lose Custody of 3-Year-Old for Giving Him What He Needed to Put Leukemia in Remission (VIDEO)

Landon Riddle

A mom in Colorado is being investigated by child protective services, all because she has chosen to treat her 3-year-old's cancer with marijuana instead of continuing chemotherapy.

Eight months ago, Landon Riddle was so horribly ill from the chemo being used to battle his leukemia that his mom Sierra says he would "vomit 50 times a day" and was in so much pain she believed it was literally killing him. And that's when she made the decision to stop the chemo altogether.

Sierra moved Landon to Colorado Springs and started him on a treatment of cannabis capsules. And as you will see in this video, Landon went from being a lethargic, sick kid to a child who has boundless energy -- and whose cancer is now in remission.



I'm sorry -- I'm all for parents making sure their kids get proper medical care, but I can't for the life of me see how this mother is doing anything wrong, especially considering how much her little boy's health has improved as a result of the cannabis.

The video footage of Landon now compared with how sickly he looked in those photos taken eight months ago really speaks for itself. I just don't understand how anyone can accuse Sierra of not having his best interests at heart.

She's doing everything in her power to keep using a treatment that actually works to make her child better instead of filling his little body with so much poison that he might not even have the strength to survive his cancer battle.

As a parent, there is absolutely nothing worse than seeing your child sick and in pain and feeling absolutely powerless to help him. But Sierra did find a way to help Landon recover -- so who cares what kind of "medicine" he's taking if it's something that's proven to be so incredibly effective?

I'm not condoning recreational marijuana use by any means -- but this is medical marijuana. It's different. And if my son were the one battling leukemia and we tried medical marijuana and it worked? I'd fight tooth and nail to make sure he was able to continue the treatment. I'd sure as hell do everything possible to make sure that no one would take him away from me, which is exactly what Sierra is doing.

This is a mother who is doing her best to take care of her child -- period. And how anyone can look at that thriving little boy and not agree that she did the right thing, 100 percent, is just beyond me.

Do you think Sierra should be forced to put Landon back on chemotherapy?


Image via CBS4

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