'Teen Mom' Briana DeJesus Celebrated Her Daughter's Birthday in the Perfect Way

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briana dejesusLike many moms, Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus didn't mess around when it came to her adorable daughter, Nova Star's, 2nd birthday. In addition to having a professional photoshoot with the little cutie (complete with customized Doc McStuffins clothing), Briana took Nova to Disney World.

Being that Briana and Nova live in Florida, I can't think of a better way for a toddler to spend their birthday. What kid wouldn't choose going to Casa de Mickey Mouse over a birthday party? We all know by now that children's birthday parties tend to be more for the parents than the kids ... right?

Now, I'm not anti-birthday party. I actually had a small gathering for my daughter's first birthday party, and yes, when I think about it, it was more for me than her. She didn't start asking me at around 10 months if she could have all her friends over in the backyard. But I wanted to do a little something to celebrate her first year of life (and my first year of parenthood). And yes. I wanted pictures. Lots of pictures.

But I think for the first few birthdays of a child's life, it's a lot more meaningful if they spend it doing something they would really enjoy -- like a trip to a zoo or an aquarium -- as opposed to a fanfare-filled bday soiree.

When kids are old enough to know what a party is, and to ask for one, of course they should have one. What parent would say "no" to a kid begging to have his friends over for cake? But until then, I'm more of the "let's just have a fun day" kind of mom. And apparently so is Briana DeJesus. Me and those teen moms, man. Always twinsies.

Thoughts on kids' birthday parties?


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3boys... 3boysANDaMOMMY

My five year old doesn't want parties he would rather go somewhere fun. Of course he still gets gifts but the day is all about what he wants.

Krystian Kaufold

Am I the only who does not like this chick?

And great way to blow your pay check.....instead of  ya know, MOVING OUT OF YOUR MOTHERS HOUSE.

Prett... PrettyNInk87x

They live right by Disney world so I don't see how this is blowing her paycheck? It's no different from you bringing your child or children to a local amusement park.

And did you ever think that the reason she still lives with her mom is so she can go to school and get her degree before living off teen mom pay checks that won't last for life?

Michelle Warren

Need to put lil bill back on!


NinaB... NinaB131415

I hate kids birthday parties. I hate going to them, I hate throwing them, but that doesn't mean I don't do it. I've so far done 2 chuck e cheese parties and 3 at home gatherings. It's all fun for the kids but it's so stressful to put together & host a party. I wish I lived in Florida so that I could take them to Disney, it would be so much more fun than a party.

Krystian Kaufold

PrettyNInk, I hate to break it to you, but I live right next to HersheyPark, and we DO NOT GO, because we can't afford it. 

And she isn't going to school or working, she admitted she is on public assistance, and living off of her mother. 

I hate throwing birthday parties, it's so stressful and just a lot. 

The toddler is TWO, why spend that kind of money on something she'll barely remember?

And she is already living off of Teen Mom pay checks, how the hell do you think she afforded to go to Disney? 

nonmember avatar cafeguest

Um, who cares how it was paid for. Maybe her mom took them. Just because you can't afford to take your kids somewhere doesn't mean you have to bash those who can. Why do people have to be offended over this? At least she is a good mom with a good family. There are other things to worry about geeesh.

Sinde... Sindeetee

I think everyone needs to do what they think is best for them, the birthday boy/girl and their budget. End of story. I love having people over (even though I stress about it) - in the end, I love that everyone has a good time and my kids always thank me up and down for their special party. It's worth it - whatever you do - if your kids really appreicate it...and if they're too young to do so - YOU have to enjoy it at that point!

LeAnne Nicole Hughes

Must be nice to be able to blow your paycheck on a birthday for your kids because you live with your mom..for the rest of us that are really ready for the responsibility of raising our children we have bills bills and more bills..so we have to struggle just to throw "regular birthday" parties for our kids.

nonmember avatar CJeff

LeAnne you sound so jealous. Get a better job and stop being so miserable.

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