'Teen Mom' Briana DeJesus Celebrated Her Daughter's Birthday in the Perfect Way

briana dejesusLike many moms, Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus didn't mess around when it came to her adorable daughter, Nova Star's, 2nd birthday. In addition to having a professional photoshoot with the little cutie (complete with customized Doc McStuffins clothing), Briana took Nova to Disney World.

Being that Briana and Nova live in Florida, I can't think of a better way for a toddler to spend their birthday. What kid wouldn't choose going to Casa de Mickey Mouse over a birthday party? We all know by now that children's birthday parties tend to be more for the parents than the kids ... right?


Now, I'm not anti-birthday party. I actually had a small gathering for my daughter's first birthday party, and yes, when I think about it, it was more for me than her. She didn't start asking me at around 10 months if she could have all her friends over in the backyard. But I wanted to do a little something to celebrate her first year of life (and my first year of parenthood). And yes. I wanted pictures. Lots of pictures.

But I think for the first few birthdays of a child's life, it's a lot more meaningful if they spend it doing something they would really enjoy -- like a trip to a zoo or an aquarium -- as opposed to a fanfare-filled bday soiree.

When kids are old enough to know what a party is, and to ask for one, of course they should have one. What parent would say "no" to a kid begging to have his friends over for cake? But until then, I'm more of the "let's just have a fun day" kind of mom. And apparently so is Briana DeJesus. Me and those teen moms, man. Always twinsies.

Thoughts on kids' birthday parties?


Image via Briana DeJesus/Instagram

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